Hey conservatives; Marco Rubio may not be constitutionally eligible to serve as POTUS

A “conservative blogger” that was until very recently on my blogroll wrote a post on April 15th about how we need Marco Rubio in the White House. I will not disclose the website or the title of the post! While I’m very happy that Mr. Rubio was elected to the U.S. Senate, it’s very debatable whether or not he’s a natural born citizen according to the current constitutional requirements. I submitted a comment on the post informing the blogger of this fact, but the blogger in question has evidently refused to post my comment. I guess there are people from both sides of the political spectrum who can’t handle inconvenient facts getting in the way of their fantasies.

There has been some speculation that the reason why some conservatives are vigorously opposing the so-called birther movement is because some of them have their hearts set on a potential Marco Rubio presidency. Anne Coulter and Karl Rove are the first names that come to mind. Do these people actually believe that a behind the scenes hand-shake agreement between the two political parties will stop the MSM from telling the world that Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen – not constitutionally eligible to hold the office of POTUS? Since when is the MSM even-handed?

How naive!

Let’s get real conservatives! There are still plenty of constitutionally qualified people who have the potential to become strong conservative presidents. We don’t need to change or ignore the U.S. Constitution. And, we don’t need to resort to calling people names because they’re talking about issues that may make some of us uncomfortable.

I have to believe that part of this currrent anti-birther fervor is just the first salvo in the upcoming battle to scrub the “natural born” requirements from our Constitution. Not only do I believe that the Democrat Party would support this change wholeheartedly, but so would a substantial segment of the Republican Party establishment.  If you have any doubt that this isn’t already on the minds of the ruling class, please check out this piece on RIGHTWIRE.NET titled PBS Jackass: Let’s Avoid “Birther Horror” by Repealing the Natural Born Citizen Clause.

There’s a very good chance that Marco Rubio may not be eligible to become POTUS. Let’s deal with it and move on!

BTW: Governor Bobby Jindal is definitely not eligible to be POTUS even though his name keeps coming up in conservative circles. Again, let’s deal with it!

P.S.  Before you start calling me a Xenophobe please note that I admit without any hesitation that I am without a doubt not eligible to ever serve as president. However, all contributions recieved thus far will not be returned!

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Reader Comments

You are SO correct! I want to scream when I hear people touting the ineligible as possible candidates.

Haven’t we learned anything here?

Also, I read that the new “birther” legislation in AZ may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Everyone may want to read the actual legislation, as it may be worded to actually BENEFIT Obama! From what I read, it was stated that, in the new legislation, the definition of “natural born” in the bill, was shown to be “at least one parent born in the US”.

If this is the case, the elite may be setting us up for a fall.

So far, I haven’t read the actual bill, but intend to as soon as possible. I suggest everyone else does as well.

Written By PJ on April 18th, 2011 @ 9:42 am