Karl Rove attempts to lower the eligibility bar for POTUS

Last week “The Architect” Karl Rove appeared on the Sean Hannity radio show (Hannity can’t seem to get enough of this pompous ass) where he stated that being a U.S. citizen is enough to qualify for becoming president.

The Post & Email posted a great piece about Rove’s ridiculous declaration. Read it here.

Where were you all of these years Mr. Rove?

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Where were you when my hopes and dreams of ever becoming POTUS were dashed in a third grade classroom in Queens, NY? Growing up I felt so left out because I naively believed that I could never reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Mr. Rove, are you now telling me that those idiotic public school teachers were lying to me – trying to keep me down? Damn those teacher’s unions!

In all seriousness, Mr. Rove is either an idiot or a liar!

I can’t really be too surprised that Mr. Rove would have such lack of respect for the established Rule of Law. After all, it was Mr. Rove that plotted with former President Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other establishment RINOs to give blanket amnesty to roughly 20 million illegal immigrants. We were told that these people just came here “for a better life” and that we should basically ignore the fact that they violated Federal Law. Those of us that balked at the thought of giving these illegal invaders, and most of their families, permission to legally stay in our country were branded as racists by our own President.

Karl Rove probably holds as much responsibility as anyone for giving us Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, not to mention, as Donald Trump has reminded us, ultimately giving us Obama. Rove is the idiot that was advising his pal, President Bush, to keep quiet and go hide in the corner while he and the people that put him in office were ravaged daily by the Democrats and their surrogates in the MSM. The Democrats lied, and lied, and lied, and then lied some more. While we were hopelessly waiting for George Bush to respond to all the attacks, to defend himself and us, Rove was whispering in his ear about the need to “look presidential.”

By the way, isn’t it telling that about the only time Bush (Rove) forcefully defended himself and his policies was against people in his own party during the “amnesty” issue?

This is now the same Karl Rove who seems to believe that the citizens of the United States who wish to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate are whack jobs, conspiracy kooks, and ignoramuses. At the same time, Rove warns us that Obama is purposely withholding his original birth certificate (spending about $2 million to do so) in order to use it against us later and rub it in our faces; presumably sometime during the 2012 presidential campaign.

What I don’t hear is Karl Rove chiding President Obama for such partisan childish games that are helping to further divide the country. Even if Mr. Rove actually believes what he’s telling us, I don’t hear any condemnation of Obama for “not acting presidential.” If Rove and his ilk in the Republican Party truly believe that Obama is constitutionally eligible, and was indeed born in Hawaii, why don’t they demand that Obama release the birth certificate and stop playing games with the American people?

What I believe Karl Rove is doing by claiming that only “citizenship” is required to be eligible to serve as POTUS, is that he’s setting the bar lower for Obama and for future candidates that he and his internationalist cohorts will be pushing. (Marco Rubio & Bobby Jindal) If it is proven that Obama doesn’t have an original long form birth certificate  (for obvious reasons) or that his birth certificate somehow shows him to be constitutionally ineligible to serve, Rove has already staked out approved on line drug stores his position and will dismiss any wrongdoing or criminal charges against Obama offhand. After all, it’s no big deal! Citizenship is all that’s required – let’s all just move on now!

Focusing purely on the birth certificate, as Rove and others conveniently do, is just another ruse to deflect from the obvious. The obvious being that if Barack Obama’s father was not a citizen of the United States, and all accounts point to the fact that he never was, Obama is not eligible to serve regardless of what his birth certificate says. This is exactly why Rove and others focus exclusively on the birth certificate and not on other issues such as the father’s citizenship, Obama’s alleged adoption by an Indonesian citizen, and the mystery behind Obama’s social security number – or should I say numbers?

It’s fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain, an ounce of common sense, and no underlying political agenda, that Barack Obama is not the person he or the MSM want us to believe he is. During the height of the information age we have somehow allowed a powerful group of people to slip one by us. Karl Rove is one of the gatekeepers of that exclusive club. His only interest is to remain in a position of power and to secure his spot on the committee of “king makers.”

If there was any doubt before, Karl Rove has fianlly exposed himself to be nothing more than a self-serving, power-hungry, political whore.

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