Boehner doesn’t care to see OBL pictures – too bad, the rest of us do!

It seems that House Speaker John Boehner is as wishy-washy on the release of the Osama bin Laden death photos as he is on just about everything else.

Read the Drudge link to the National Journal story here.


“That’s a decision for the administration to make. They have to decide what to do. I’m convinced. I have no doubts.”

Boehner also claimed that Obama called him at his Capital Hill apartment on Sunday night and briefed him on the key points of the operation, and to also ask if he could bum a couple of cigarettes.


“He walked me through the steps that were taken, and I have no doubts.”

That’s very nice Mr. Boehner, but the rest of us don’t have direct access to the POTUS. We “The People” want to see the damn pictures! We “The People” want every piece of information on the operation that we can get! Obama and you clowns on Capital Hill supposedly work for us, so stop trying to filter information for us – thank you. Allow us to make the decision on whether or not the pictures are “too disturbing.”

If, Mr. Boehner, you’re in fact worried about “inflaming the Muslim world,” then you should step down from office immediately and let a real man take over your job!

Quite frankly, I’m as sick and tired of these inside the Beltway RINO’s as I am of Obama and his cronies. Just as we can’t fight our Islamic enemies on their terms and with our hands tied behind our backs, we can’t fight Obama and his Marxist minions by being cordial, by being “better than they are.” No!! We have to finally stop fooling around with these people and fight fire with fire.

Anyone whose brain hasn’t been totally destroyed by our education system or by overexposure to the MSM should realize that if OBL was killed while George W. Bush was in office the Democrats would demand pictures, DNA, the body, and anything else associated with the operation. Idiots like Charlie Sheen would immediately start with their lame-brained conspiracy theories claiming that Bush faked the entire story in order to score political points.

I do believe that Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals this past Sunday. But, I want to see the pictures anyway! I would also like to see the pictures of all the other dead Muslim terrorists killed in the raid as well. Maybe I want to use some of the pictures to throw darts at, or to use as a screen saver on my computer, or to use as a bird cage liner, or even to strain the grease from my bacon.

I could give a rat’s ass that John Boehner is satisfied, or what the Muslim world thinks. I want to see the pictures of that dead Muslim piece of crap – bullet holes and all! Please release them ASAP, Mr. President.

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