NJ Gov. Chris Christie: A Rudy Giuliani in Conservative’s Clothing

The conservative blogoshpere is once again beginning to tout, push, encourage, and wish for a Chris Christie presidential run. While I really like Chris Christie, and agree that he’s doing a very good job as Governor of New Jersey, conservatives should be a bit careful what they wish for.

Getting right down to it, Chris Christie is a heavier version of Rudolph Giuliani. Like Chris Christie, I also really like Rudy Giuliani. I firmly believe that Giuliani was the best mayor in the history of New York City. The city is still benefiting from many of the policies he instated during his eight year stay at Gracie Mansion. The building boom and the influx of young professionals from all over the country that has been going on since Giuliani left office is a direct result of his policies. Neighborhoods where sane people wouldn’t dare walk through at night pre-Giuliani are now filling up with high-end condos and luxury apartment buildings.

However, I do not believe that Rudy Giuliani would necessarily make a good president. And in my opinion, neither would Gov. Chris Christie. Would they both be leaps and bounds better than the current fraud occupying the White House? Was Michelangelo a better painter than Bob Ross?

One of the reasons why Chris Christie became such an overnight sensation in the conservative-leaning community is his penchant for bluntly speaking his mind, taking on the municipal labor unions, and having little patience for the status quo bureaucratic establishment. Any New Yorker who is old enough to remember 1994 knows that Rudy Giuliani was initially adored for doing the same exact things Gov. Christie is now doing. The similarities between Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani are obvious, yet still unfolding. Both Christie and Giuliani were well known for being aggressive federal prosecutors before jumping into politics. Giuliani made his bones under Ronald Reagan, while Chris Christie made his under George W. Bush. Both were initially mistrusted by many conservatives, but both eventually became quasi-conservative heroes and perennial candidates for higher office. The only difference to date is that Christie is still in the very early stages of his political career, while the book on Giuliani’s political career has already been written. And reviews by conservatives are less than favorable.

When pondering presidential candidates I believe one must match the candidate’s strengths with the pressing issues we are currently facing. While Ron Paul would probably be a pretty good president in a peaceful world without Islam, he would (in my opinion) be a disastrous president during this era of Islamic expansionism. Yes, they are consciously and systematically expanding; maybe not with the sword as in previous centuries, but instead through unbridled immigration. In spite of our grave economic problems, Islam and illegal immigration are the most pressing issues in regards to our survival as a free nation, as well as the long term survival of Western culture and civilization in general. If and when Sharia becomes accepted in the United States, and current trends point to when – not if, it will matter little what the GDP and unemployment numbers say. Also, we will never, ever have a balanced budget or pay down our debt if we continue to allow massive illegal and legal immigration from the Third World. These immigrants don’t understand economics, and they don’t care about our standard of living going down as long as theirs goes up.

At best, Gov. Christie is a bit suspect on both Islam and immigration. He has already appointed a Muslim Judge (Sohail Mohammed) to the State Court who has ties to radical Islamic organizations and Mosques. During the controversy over the building of the Ground Zero Mosque, Christie warned the GOP not to “overreact” to the threat of terror, and to not paint all of Islam with the brush of terrorism.  He has also stated that the Republican Party must “re-brand” itself in order to be competitive. In other words, kowtow to Hispanics and to the illegal immigrant lobby. A.K.A. amnesty for roughly 20 million illegal aliens.

Chris Christie is often bold, refreshing, and politically incorrect, but conservatives should be very careful in dubbing him as the savior of the Republican Party. So far, Mr. Christie is a very good Republican Governor of a pretty blue state. But like Rudy Giuliani, a once very good mayor of a very blue city, he would probably disappoint conservatives very quickly if he were ever elected POTUS.

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