What exactly is a "homegrown" terrorist?

Fox News is reporting that two so-called “homegrown” terrorists have been arrested by the NYPD for attempting to attack an undisclosed Synagogue in the New York area.

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I find it kind of strange that the article refers to the two Muslim scumbags as “homegrown” without giving any specifics. I understand that Fox News may not have the full details yet, but someone must have told them that the two low-lives were “homegrown.”

What exactly does “homegrown” currently mean in the vernacular of the MSM, anyway?

Does a terrorist have to be born in the U.S. to be home grown, or does he just have to be a citizen or legal resident? If the terrorist has been living in the U.S. illegally for a number of years, is he still homegrown?

Frankly, I think the whole homegrown thing is a crock of you-know-what! I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the term is used to shift blame away from the real culprit, Islam, and project it as an American problem. The American system produced the terrorist – not Islam!

In reality, it really doesn’t matter whether a Muslim terrorist has been in the country for six months, or if he’s a second generation Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan. The one thing and one thing only that makes a Muslim terrorist a terrorist is ISLAM! Without the perverse teachings of ISLAM there would be very, very, little terrorism (statistically insignificant) in the world. So please, please, don’t give me the IRA spiel or the Timothy McVeigh spiel – I’ve heard enough already!

So, I wish the MSM would just spare us all the “homegrown” BS already. Everyone in America already knew that the two miscreants arrested for this latest terror attempt were Muslims before the media even mentioned their stupid names! Yeah, I know, I know, it could just as easily have been the KKK or Neo-Nazis who were planning the attack on the Synagogue. Right! And the Chicago Cubs sometimes win the World Series. (1908)

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