Hip-Hop culture: Hypocrisy or stupidity?

If you spend enough time around people from the Left, they’re sure to leave you scratching your head – or maybe even banging it against the nearest concrete wall. The Left is filled with people that speak out of both north and south orifices. Take for instance the Lefties residing on the super expensive enclave of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Like most moronic Liberals, these people love speaking of diversity, but have no problem living in what is probably the least diverse area of NYC. Up there it’s pretty much wealthy and white. The diversity they speak of evidently belongs in other neighborhoods; preferably in the “outer boroughs.”

This same hypocrisy displayed by the wealthy liberal elite is also extremely evident in the not-so-wealthy black “Hip-Hop” community. However, is it really hypocrisy or is it just plain ignorance and stupidity?

There is no more a materialistic culture than current day Hip-Hop! While the overwhelming majority of this culture live in Section 8 housing and are near the very bottom of the economic ladder, their thirst for all things expensive would make even the Housewives of New York City blush. With Hip-Hop it’s all about the bling! It’s all about Cadillac Escalade, BMW, and Land Rover. It’s about ostentatious Mansions (cribs) with Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and 10 foot flat screen televisions. Not to mention the occasional dog fighting arena, of course.

While most young Hip-Hopers only dream of this lavish lifestyle, they still manage to live a lifestyle that belies their own lack of disposable income. The $100 plus Nike sneakers, the name-brand clothing, and the cheesy but still expensive jewelry or “bling” are all par for the course with inner-city youth. Also, it’s not uncommon to see young black men driving BMWs while living at home with their mothers in Section 8 housing. They somehow manage to get the car on credit and make payments that are probably equal to or higher than the rent for their apartment. With Hip-Hop it’s all about the image – all about materialism!

Being a true believer in unbridled Capitalism, I have absolutely no problem with people desiring affluent lifestyles. The problem is that materialism just doesn’t square with Marxism, Communism, and Socialism. Do young black people not see a problem with this? Or, do they not even know what the terms Capitalism and Marxism mean? Older black leftists like Barack and Michelle Obama, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright , and Tavis Smiley know full well that the left-wing drivel they espouse doesn’t gel with their desire for wealth, but they are willing hypocrites who believe they’ll be part of the ruling elite if or when the Marxist utopia they envision becomes a reality. They fully understand that they’re leading young black people into a trap that is guaranteed to lower their standard of living – not escalate it! These black Marxists need subservient sheep to attain their lofty goals. Hip-Hop culture is simply one of the many means to that end!

Just what do these young Hip-Hopers hear when their hero, Barack Obama, spouts his class warfare gibberish? What part of wealth redistribution don’t they seem to understand? If  one of these youths ever did miraculously reach the same level of wealth as fitty-cent or LeBron James, would they be so willing to fork over 60 to 70 percent of their income to support the rest of their brothers and sisters left behind in the projects? Or, do they actually believe that increased government subsidies and welfare will enable them to have the Bentley and mansion? Or, are these youths so obsessed with Race that they sincerely believe Obama or some other Democrat politician would grant them a special waiver from the white tax code? Are they really that deluded? Are they so ignorant of the real world that they don’t recognize the blatant hypocrisy that is their culture – their world?

Not to pick exclusively on young blacks entrenched in the Hip-Hop culture; young black professionals are just as guilty of the same hypocrisy and ignorance. When young black attorneys or bankers living in nice condos and making 150 to 200 grand a year  hear Obama say that they are “rich” and need to pay more taxes, what exactly goes through their minds? Do they not believe he is speaking of them? Does their misguided loyalty to their race and to the Democrat (Marxist) Party override all reason and common sense?

Your guess is as good as mine!

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Well said. This was an amusing article. Very good.

Written By Stephanie on January 18th, 2013 @ 10:20 pm