Living in Casey Anthony's world

I’m already beginning to hear from the media types that Casey ‘the baby killer’ Anthony is destined for some big paydays. I hear that she may write a book. I hear that she will be paid for a TV movie of the week, etc, etc.

First off: the thought of this waste of space writing anything besides a tweet on how she partied the night away on ecstasy is laughable. But if Barack Obama can have someone ghost write his memoirs, so can Ms. Anthony, I guess.  Second: I would hope that advertisers would have the decency and common sense to stay away from any programming that would financially benefit this lowlife, but maybe I’m being a little bit naïve here.

In reality, the possibility of Casey Anthony making tons money and becoming a “celebrity” in 2011 America is probably fairly high. To put it plainly, bad sells, especially female bad. Reality shows like the Bad Girls Club, The Real Housewives, and Girls Behaving Badly are just a few examples. For some reason a pretty large segment of society enjoys watching women behaving obnoxiously, and even violently.  They can’t seem to get enough when it comes to stupid, spoiled, self-obsessed women going at it and calling each other bitch. And let’s face it, Casey Anthony makes Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan look like Mother Teresa.

There’s no doubt that the progressive women’s movement aided and abetted by our public education system and MSM, of course, has really managed to muddy the waters over the past few decades. In the name of equality, many women have taken on the worst characteristics of the worst male stereotype. I’m not just referring to television reality shows, but to the real world as well. For example, here in NYC you are more likely now to see a woman behind the wheel of a car that’s being driven aggressively or recklessly. I would be shopping for a summer home in the Hamptons if I only had a dollar for every time I witnessed a woman, blow through a stop sign, run a red light, almost squash a pedestrian in the crosswalk, lean on her horn when the car in front doesn’t move within a millisecond of the light turning green, and flicking the finger or spewing a f-you to any driver or pedestrian that dares to get in her way.

Anyone who doesn’t have their head tucked firmly up their tuckus must by now recognize that the female human species has become a lot harsher than her ancestors. The term ‘lady-like’ is slowly becoming the world’s least used adjective. Females are now just as likely as males to be bullies. Female fights, whether they are in the schoolyard, the mall, the street, or the subway, are becoming just as common as male fights. Female violent crime and the ensuing incarceration that goes with it is also up. Yes, women have finally broken through the glass gutter and become just as bad as their male counterparts – congratulations!

Casey Anthony is by no means the first woman in the past couple of decades to kill her baby, but ironically, she’s sure to become the poster child for the sick phenomenon even though a jury of her peers, in other words idiots, found her not guilty of the crime. Hopefully, we as a society can and will do everything possible to ensure that Casey Anthony doesn’t benefit financially from her evil deeds. While I’m cautiously optimistic, I’m not holding my breath.

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