Obama trying to save murdering rapist from execution in Texas

Surprise, surprise, Barack Obama is concerned over the impending execution of Humberto Leal Garcia, a Mexican national (in other words, an illegal alien) who raped and killed a 16 year old girl back in 1994.

The Obama administration along with the Mexican government is appealing to the State of Texas to call off this evening’s execution. The Obama administration siding with the Mexican government over an American state – there’s another surprise! The administration contends that executing Mr. Garcia could endanger America’s convicted of crimes abroad.

Read Fox News story here.

Humberto Leal Garcia

I am often conflicted about the death penalty, but if there’s anyone who deserves to be put down like a rabid dog, it’s this animal. After raping the teen, he then smashed in her head in with a 30 to 40 pound block of asphalt. Unlike his victim, Mr. Garcia will painlessly slip into a final sleep when he’s finally administered the lethal injection. But like most cold blooded murderers, Mr. Garcia is scared of dying. Instead, he would prefer to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison stuffing his fat ugly face. The food on death row must not be all that bad from the looks of Mr. Garcia. I thought people who go to prison lose weight and get in shape by pumping iron; this guy seems to have spent his exercise time devouring bags of Doritos.

Good riddance Mr. Garcia.

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hi iam an 11 year old girl and i wanted to say that what you guys are planning to do to the man is really harsh and that seems sad to me. iam from here but my parents are from mexico so i also consider my self from mexico. theres alot of murders here to, there could be alot. i dont get why you guys are doing this to the poor man why dont you guys do that to the other murders?iam really started to cry when i heard the that he might die.iam really begging please gouverners and the presedent please dont kill him were all human beings please listen to me.p.s.he’s not an alien.

Written By cecilia ruiz on July 7th, 2011 @ 3:59 pm

Dear Cecilia,
OK, I’ll play your game for a couple of minutes, but I believe that you’re an 11 year old girl much in the same way that I believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

First of all, I don’t work for the Texas penal system, so I’m not doing anything to Mr. Garcia, or should I say the late Mr. Garcia.

Second: “we” also execute all lot of other people in this country; most of them are American born white and black men.

Third: Mr. Garcia is a “poor man?” That’s where you really lost me and confirmed that you’re about as phony as a three dollar bill. Anyway, I said I’ll play your game, so please tell me how you would describe his 16 year old victim. Was she the instigator? Was it her fault because she was dressed inappropriately?

Hope you’re satisfied now that I gave you the attention that you so desperately crave, Cecilia, or whatever your name really is. Thanks for dropping by, but please don’t make a habit out of it.

Written By admin on July 7th, 2011 @ 7:26 pm