Republicans still pushing their own “natural-born” challenged candidates

As I stated in previous posts on this blog, I believe that one of the reasons the Republican/Conservative establishment has skirted the Obama eligibility issue is because they have potential eligibility problems with a couple of their own “golden boys.”

I’m of course referring to Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio. Both men were unquestionably born in the United States, but are they natural born? And does it really matter anymore since both Democrat and Republican politicians have been trying to redefine the term natural-born by claiming that simply being born in the United States meets the requirement?

Both Jindal’s and Rubio’s parents became U.S. citizens after their sons were born.

This evening while working out, I decided to something that I haven’t done much of lately – listen to some talk radio. I tuned into AM970 The Apple to a show hosted by a man I have never heard of before, Doug Urbanski. During a discussion about the debt ceiling and Obama’s desire to raise taxes, Mr. Urbanski mentioned Marco Rubio’s recent criticism of Obama, and then said ‘that’s why he’s presidential material.’

Is it also Mr. Urbanski’s opinion that anchor babies can now grow up to be POTUS? Do Mr. Urbanski and his ilk in the Republican Party really believe that there are no indisputably natural-born Republicans who would make good presidential candidates? Are these people really that enamored of Jindal and Rubio, or do they now believe that they (Republicans) need to push for a “non-white” candidate to match the historic nomination of Barack Obama by the Democrats? After all, America will supposedly soon have a non-white majority – right?

I have absolutely nothing against Gov. Jindal and Senator Rubio. I believe both of them, especially Rubio, to be solid conservatives who seem to understand the evils of big government. Either man would obviously be a tremendous improvement over the current disgraceful occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But are they constitutionally eligible to serve?

Instead of having a tug of war over the meaning of natural-born, maybe it’s time the Supreme Court finally decides once and for all what the term means. Or, if politicians believe that the “natural-born clause” no longer makes much sense, then take the proper steps to legally amend the constitution instead of treating it like some outdated employee manual.

By the way, if Republicans believe that the mainstream media and the Democrats would give Jindal and Rubio a pass on their eligibility, then they’re even dumber than I think they are. Do they not understand that the MSM has no shame whatsoever about being openly hypocritical? Do they not remember who questioned the eligibility of John McCain?

Again, either the constitution means something – or it means nothing!

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