So tired of the U.S. Senate “gangs”

Once again, a gang of six has formed in the United States Senate in order to supposedly reach an agreement on the debt ceiling talks.

This time the gang members are:

Saxby Chambliss (R) Georgia

Mike Crapo (R) Idaho

Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma

Mark Warner (D) Virginia

Dick Durbin (D) Illinois

Kent Conrad (D) North Dakota

So what exactly was the initiation for joining this gang, and what are the gang colors?

I don’t know about the Democrats, but the initiation for Republican members was simple. They got on their knees and promised to eventually capitulate to the Democrats and screw the voters who elected them. As for the gang colors; for Democrats it’s RED because they always go for the jugular; for Republicans it’s YELLOW – no explanation necessary!

I’m so tired of these feckless U.S. Republican Senators. Each and every time when it comes to a big issue they look for ways to “compromise” while the Democrats look for ways to slash and burn. Joining these gangs never accomplishes anything except to eventually give the Democrats what they want while attempting to come across as moderate and non-partisan.

One of the problems with the U.S. Senate is that the members have six year terms and most voters only have six day memories.

The previous “gang of six” was formed back in 2009 when three pathetic RINOs joined three devious Democrats in order to find compromise on the infamous healthcare reform bill. The RINOs order viagra were Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley, and Olympia Snowe. By the way, how did that attempt at compromise work out for you guys? Oh that’s right, Obama and the Democrats agreed to phase in a single-payer system instead of ramming it up our you-know-what’s immediately.

Gee, thanks RINOs!

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