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Idiots, brats, and hippies occupying Wall Street

Who but the Mainstream Media and Nancy Pelosi can’t see these protesters for what they truly are – a collection of losers who want to bring the rest of us down to their pathetic level? I recently saw a protestor being interviewed on New York 1 (aka New York Pravda) where the imbecile said that all they (protesters) want is equality. What in the hell does that mean? Should janitors make the same money as corporate CEO’s? There is also no doubt that many of the protesters are just a bunch of spoiled hypocritical brats who evidently have nothing better to do with their time.

‘Her parents posted her bond and she flew back to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend.’

As usual, Mayor Bloomberg has completely capitulated to this mob of 21st century hippies. This spineless jellyfish makes Pee Wee Herman look like Brian Urlacher! In Bloomberg’s New York you can take over a privately owned park and turn it into a sick recreation of Woodstock, but don’t dare light up a cigarette in a public park.

The patients have definitely taken over the asylum!

Even though I’m a New Yorker (please don’t hold it against me!) I haven’t been able to write much on this subject because I’m becoming so numb to these types of idiots that I deal with on a daily basis – and also because I’m being a bit lazy. However, my friend and colleague from Texas, Todd Kinsey, has been all over this story. Check it all out on

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