HPV, Perry’s flat tax, and Karl Rove

CDC Recommends HPV Vaccination for Boys

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the CDC has recommended that young males should be vaccinated against the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) that is supposedly spread through sexual contact. Young girls have already been subjected to this vaccination (Gardasil) and some say it is dangerous and unnecessary.

Read the WND piece by Joe Kovacs here.

Will these nanny state bureaucrats ever become tired of sticking their snozolas into every aspect of people’s lives? The unfortunate part of this fiasco is that many people (parents) will fall for this hook, line, and sinker. The left has long ago realized that people tend to believe almost anything if it comes from doctors or other professionals in the health care field. Many people fail to realize that medicine has joined most other American institutions and become extremely politicized. Controlling people via the health care system is fast becoming a favorite tactic of the Marxist Left.

Then again, maybe this is just a matter of fairness. If the vaccine is potentially dangerous, why subject only young females to this danger and not young males? After all, fair is fair!

Rick Perry Proposes Flat Tax

When I heard that Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry came out with a Flat Tax proposal, my first thought was ‘it’s about time someone did.’ Whether Perry’s plan is serious, or if it’s just a ploy to resurrect a campaign that has been sinking faster than the Baltimore Orioles coming out of spring training, who knows? Besides Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, I haven’t heard much at all from the GOP candidates about tax reform. Most of them have the same old plan to tinker with the tax rates; cut some rates here, raise some rates there, same old, same old.

The problem as I see it is that we need real hard core tax reform in order to help our economy climb out of the tank and to help people rebuild their American dreams. While George W. Bush tinkered with the rates and removed millions from their responsibilities to contribute their share, the Flat Tax would make sure that everyone pays something – at least theoretically. I don’t know if Rick Perry’s plan accomplishes this, but the current progressive tax system has got to go. Under a true and pure flat tax everyone would pay the same rate, but people who make more would of course, pay more.

A quick example for all you dimwitted Obama voters out there: a person who makes 30K a year under a 20% flat tax would pay 6K in taxes, while a person who makes 500K a year would pay 100K in taxes.

See dummies, the rich guy still pays more!

While I tend to think that 20% is still a bit high, it’s a start. Most if not all of the standard deductions that people have become so accustomed to would also need to be eliminated or severely cut.  That’s the hard part about selling many people on the flat tax. Being your typical politician who wants it both ways, Rick Perry proposes that the deductions for interest payments on mortgages and child deductions remain untouched.

Regardless of Perry’s true intentions, it’s about time that the Flat Tax becomes part of the debate. Again, we need drastic tax reform, and we need it now!

Karl Rove Attacking Cain, Shilling for Romney

The question I have for Karl Rove is simple and to the point. When, oh when, will you finally go away? Rove is one of the reasons that I’m barely watching the Fox News Channel anymore. With the help of Sean Hannity and friends, Mr. Rove has appointed himself the “king maker” of the Republican Party. In reality, Karl Rove is just a dupe for the establishment elite. That’s why he’s supporting Mitt Romney for president. And that’s exactly why we can’t afford Mitt Romney in the White House.

Rove has been all over Fox News as of late doing his best to stop the momentum of Herman Cain by thrashing him at every turn. Mr. Rove claims that Mr. Cain’s “gaffes” make him unelectable. That’s rich coming from a guy who had his bulbous head tucked up the ass of a president that couldn’t enunciate the word nuclear, as well as countless other words in the English language.

I’m an immigrant New Yorker, and I didn’t go to Yale, so I at least have some sort of an excuse.

In a recent appearance on Fox News Rove said the following about Herman Cain:

“I think it has created an image of him as not being up to this task,” he said. “That’s really deadly.”

No Mr. Rove, you are the one who is attempting to create an image of him (Mr. Cain) not being up to the task! So please stop treating us like we’re stupid.

It’s big government establishment republicans like Karl Rove who gave us Bob Dole and John McCain. It’s RINO’s like him that have mocked the Tea Party as well as Americans who believe that Barack Hussein Obama isn’t quite who he claims to be. Karl Rove and his self righteous ilk are partly to blame for allowing the far left to gain such a strong foothold in the American landscape. So please go away already, Mr. Rove. I’m pretty sure you can make tens of millions by joining many of your friends and becoming a Washington lobbyist. They can always use more forked-tongued reptiles in that profession.

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