If you believe in free-markets, boycott Mario Batali’s restaurants

Enough already with this blowhard, Mario Batali! For those who don’t know, Mr. Batali is a chef, a “celebrity chef” to be exact. Batali is also an outspoken left-wing socialist kook! It seems that the only thing bigger than Batali’s belly is his enormous pie-hole of a mouth.

At a convening of a Time Magazine panel to help choose the magazine’s “Person of the Year” Batali jumped on board with the OWS dirtbags.

Batali spewed the following bile from his big mouth:

“So the ways the bankers have kind of toppled the way money is distributed and taken most of it into their hands is as good as Stalin or Hitler and the evil guys.”

Read NY Post story here.

This isn’t by far the first time that this bloated buffoon has thrown himself into the political fray. Back in 2004 Batali made the entire waite staff at one of his New York City restaurants wear John Kerry buttons on their uniforms. What an arrogant bully! As if any of his staff were going to challenge him; wear the button, or else!

You’re pathetic, Mario!

I find it infuriating that a fat slob who simply went to cooking school and became a multi-millionaire can be so hostile towards the very system that made his Cinderella success story possible.

According to Batali’s own website he has (owns/co-owns) 18 restaurants worldwide, 9 of which are located in New York City. Talk about transnational corporations! Needless to say, eating at his restaurants isn’t a cheap night out. They aren’t quiet geared towards people living in section 8 housing, that’s for sure!

By the way, how come I haven’t heard that Batali has offered up any free food at his eateries to the nice people from OWS? I’m sure they’d take you up on such an offer, Mario. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth crater is? No! You take the easy way out and blast the very people who support your restaurants and side with the vermin who believe that everything should be free. You disgust me, Mario! In fact, why should you be allowed to have 18 restaurants when there are people that have none? Is that fair, Mario?

Don’t you just hate big fat hypocritical ingrates?

Here’s a list of Batali’s restaurants. I ask all of my 3 or 4 readers to boycott them. Tell your friends and family to do the same. If you’re up to it, contact his restaurants and tell them that you’re mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it anymore!

Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca – 110 Waverly Place, NYC (212) -777-0303

Bar Jamon – 52 Irving Place, NYC (212) 253-2773

Casa Mono – 52 Irving Place, NYC (212) 253-2773

Del Posto – 85 Tenth Avenue, NYC (212) 497-8090

Eataly – 200 Fifth Avenue, NYC (212) 229-2560

Esca – 402 West 43rd Street, NYC (212) 564-7272

Lupa -170 Thompson Street, NYC (212) 982-5089

Manzo – 200 Fifth Avenue, NYC (212) 229-2180

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria – 1 Fifth Avenue, NYC (212) 995-9559

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria – The Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

 Las Vegas, NV (702) 677-3390

Pizzeria Mozza – 641 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (323) 297-0101

Pizzeria Mozza Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore +65 6688 8868

Osteria Mozza California – 6602 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (323) 297-0100

Osteria Mozza Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore +65 6688 8868

B&B Ristorante – The Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 266 -9977

Carnevino Italian Steakhouse – The Palazzo Hotel, 3265 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 789 -4141

Tarry Lodge (Port Chester) – 18 Mill Street Port Chester, NY (914) 939-3111

Tarry Lodge (Westport) – 30 Charles Street Westport, CT 06880 (203) 571-1038

You can also go to Batali’s website for more information and the various websites for all of his restaurants.

It’s about time that we hold people like Mario Batali accountable; people who are very wealthy, but who inexplicably don’t seem to like Capitalism all that much. These people talk the socialist talk while walking the capitalist walk! Let’s boycott all companies owned by such hypocritical phonies. It’s time we target our support towards companies, big and small, that actually believe in free-market capitalism.


Of course Mario Batali came out and “apologized” when he heard the backlash from his Wall Street customers. His various investors must have also put the heat on this empty-headed, loose-lipped idiot. I can’t speak for bankers, but as far as I’m concerned – apology not accepted!

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Reader Comments

Great article and VERY NICE listing of ALL of his restaurants. We will definitely be BOYCOTTING all of his restaurants! We won’t go again to a couple of the places — knowing he’s nothing but a Socialist wanting to give other people’s money away. Give away your restaurants First Mario.

Plus Mario didn’t apologize – he is just worried about losing business and then restated who Hilter and Stalin are. Does he take working business, finance people for fools? We will also boycott his books and the ABC show “The Chew” — until ABC kicks him off the program. We won’t buy any products advertised on that show or any product, company associated with Mario. Perfect time of the year for Mario’s businesses to go Out of Business!

Written By Carl on November 11th, 2011 @ 12:15 pm

Thanks Carl – glad you’re on board! If only more people were willing to step up and set these hypocrites straight. The NY Post had another story (editorial) today stating that Mario and his Public Relations team are trying to stem the damage from his stupid comments. Gee Mario, how many people in the 99% have a PR team?

Written By admin on November 11th, 2011 @ 6:21 pm

I have heard people express their frustration with the Wall Street criminals getting away with securities fraud, the Bernie Madoffs of the world, ripping off investors, while they lose their homes, their jobs & nothing is done. But once again it Should be Occupy The White House, OWS is just a symptom of the Obama administration NOT doing their job, there are laws NOT being enforced by the Obama administration, OBAMA & attorney General Eric Holder, HAVE FAILED, for not prosecuting Wall street Crooks, The one theme of OWS should be the failure of this administration prosecute a single Wall Street executive. WHY??? WHY haven’t they??? .. Barack Obama slept through his securities law class at Harvard. That’s the only explanation I can offer for his answer to Jake Tapper’s question at a press conference. Tapper asked him about the failure of his administration to prosecute a single Wall Street executive.

Barack Hussein Obama — ” Well, first on the issue of prosecutions on Wall Street, one of the biggest problems about the collapse of Lehmans and the subsequent financial crisis and the whole subprime lending fiasco is that a lot of that stuff wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral or inappropriate or reckless….”… WHAT??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0T2J2Tb598&feature=related .

Written By lenny777 on November 18th, 2011 @ 5:53 am