Shut Down Penn State!

Ann Barnhardt has a must-read post regarding the evil that has been going on within the walls of Penn State University for God knows how long. True, pedophile Jerry Sandusky has been arrested and Joe Paterno fired, but Miss. Barnhardt feels that Penn State should be shut down and Paterno should die in prison.

I agree with her. And you will too when you finish reading her piece titled IM CONSIDERING MOVING TO SODOM here.

And make sure to read her previous post on the subject titled ON SANDUSKY AND THIS NATION OF COWARDS.

Meanwhile morally bankrupt idiots in Pennsylvania are rioting and turning over vehicles to show their displeasure over Paterno’s termination. Talk about priorities! Is it really any wonder that our nation is headed to hell in an express hand basket?

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Reader Comments

In my mind the arrest, investigation, and eventual trial of Jerry Sandusky address the perpetrator of a crime of almost unimaginable horror. But, the crime of intentionally allowing the same atrocity to be repeated innumerable times over the course of ten years or more, and even facilitate these crimes is a far greater offense. It is becoming clearer every day that Jerry Sandusky is a very sick and cruel individual. It is also obvious that Joe Paterno and Penn State University as an entity are responsible for turning him into a monster by knowingly providing him with a facility for his crimes and access to a steady stream of victims. Were they protecting the football money machine, the University itself, the legacy of Joe Paterno? I don’t believe it matters. The people and institutions who were protected and benefited, even thrived because the actions of the monster in the football stadium should have their ill gotten gains taken away. The University MUST shut down the football program for the same amount of time that they covered up their beloved coach’s criminal deeds. I keep hearing ten years. Isn’t it more like thirteen? Maybe ten years penance is enough. Further, Every game that Joe Paterno coached from the time he learned of Sandusky’s cruelties should be forfeit. A man who covers up for atrocities like these is no winner. His wins MUST be taken away. If we teach the fine students of Penn State University that a program or a person that can allow, even promote such horrors is a winner, we teach them that these crimes, (the sodomy, rape and the organized cover-up) are simply necessary for the greater good. In addition, we teach them that the underprivileged boys who have been victimized and their families who have suffered unimaginable damage are not only lesser human beings than themselves, but that they are worthless. I feel that decent human beings must do everything in their power to vilify not only the rapist, but the criminal enablers. Our moral future is at stake, and the world is watching.

Written By Steve Petergal on November 16th, 2011 @ 12:51 pm

Amen to everything you stated! Thanks for the very well thought out comment.

Written By admin on November 17th, 2011 @ 6:46 pm

When do women & children come first in this world? To hurt a child, I agree with Jesus, tie a millstone around your neck & be thrown into the sea, and that was compassionate Jesus. This whole child rape case at Penn State reminds me of the Catholic Church child rape cases. I won’t call it a sex scandal, because Rape, abuse, pedophia is not sex, it’s evil, a crime, Sports are like religion to too many people, and anything can be done & covered up in their name, especially when money or supposed “Moral” people are involved, it’s disgusting. When will they stop registering “Sex offenders”….first of all it’s not sex, keep them forever in jail, or sentence them to death, they will never stop…letting them out, You are guaranteed more victims, how can a government just let out predators to forever commit crimes? You don’t register rabid dogs, they’re put down, so should child rapists be put down or away forever, it’s the only way to stop it.

I know Joe Paterno has a great history as a coach, but so what, he’s not a great man, he covers for child rapists…..And for the Penn State assistant Mike McCready, saw a boy getting raped, he told head coach Joe Paterno, and the university president, and EVERYONE really covered it up, and allowing other boys to be raped repeatedly, to cover it up and not report it to police …..NOTHING IS LOWER THAN THIS…Jerry Sandusky should be hung, I agree with Sarah Palin…and Penn State football stadium should be demolished as an example to the true evil that reigns there… this is HORRIBLE… THOSE POOR CHILDREN, Sandusky, McCready 7 Paterno are DISGUSTING PIGS…

Written By LENNY777 on November 18th, 2011 @ 6:09 am