Muslim convert planned to kill New Yorkers – what else is new?

A lowlife Muslim convert loser has been arrested for plotting to kill people in New York City with homemade explosives. Twenty-seven year old al Qaeda sympathizer Jose Primentel allegedly planned to use crude bombs to attack police stations and a post office in his Harlem neighborhood.

Can anyone really be surprised that this loser would turn to Islam? These are the kind of “converts” that this violent so-called religion attracts. People who are driven by jealousy and unfocused rage; people that hate anything good and nice while being drawn to everything bad and ugly. We all know these people! They’re the losers that are immediately drawn to ruining a freshly paved sidewalk with there narcissistic scribble. They’re the losers that can’t help but to deface a freshly painted wall or a new building with their senseless graffiti. They’re the ones that vandalize expensive new cars or vintage classic cars simply because they can’t own one. Quite simply, Islam offers them an excuse to hate – an excuse to act out on their jealous rage with senseless violence.

al Queda is probably busy recruiting prospects at all the “Occupy” sites at this very moment.

Mr. Primentel’s mother told the NY Post that she “couldn’t deal with him after he started reading the Koran in 2001.” She went on to apologize to the city o New York for her son’s actions.

Jose Primentel: attracted to hate and destruction.

Following Mr. Primentel’s arrest and confession, he told police that “Islamic law obligated all true Muslims to wage war against the United States.” Even this scumbag manages to get what many Americans simply refuse to understand.

Religion of peace…Har-Har-Harde-Har-Har!

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of losers in this country; losers that are encouraged brainwashed by our Marxist backed education system and mainstream media to be angry at America – very, very angry! Make no mistake; there are a lot more Jose Primentels out there.

Read NY Post story here.

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