Butterball Turkeys – Halal or not?

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has been all over a disturbing story about Butterball Turkeys being “halal certified.” In other words, this shameless company supposedly complies with all of the disgusting Islamic protocols in the butchering of the bird.

Read Atlas Shrugs piece here & here. As well as Pamela Geller’s American Thinker piece here.

So let me get this straight; the Muslim population in the United States is said to be less than 1%, but this company, Butterball, feels the need to pander to them at the expense of the rest of the country? What’s even more puzzling is the fact that there is nothing on the Butterball label that claims halal certification. That information only appeared on their website. What good is it to pander when the people you’re pandering to don’t notice? Or, is there some secret code on the label that only Muslims can decipher? What the hell is going on here?

Is it any surprise that Butterball has since “scrubbed” the halal certified notation from their website? Just as the Obama administration “scrubs” inconvenient facts from their various websites and government databases. That’s what moral cowards that have something to hide do!

I have to ask my mother whether or not the bird she prepared for Thanksgiving was a Butterball. I hope not! I feel a bit queasy just thinking about it. I’ll do my part and warn my mom and anyone else I can about Butterball. If you don’t want any part of Sharia in the United States, I suggest you warn everyone you know as well.

If Butterball wants to pander to the less than 1% of the population of which probably less than 1% of those celebrate Thanksgiving, let Butterball have them. The rest of us, the 99%, should get our turkeys from another source.

Like I’ve been saying from day one on this blog, just imagine when they (Muslims) get up to 3%, 5%, 10%, etc. If corporations/advertisers are already intimidated by this bunch of bullies, what’s going to happen as their numbers continue to increase? Only dumb-ass, self-hating, self-deceiving liberals don’t see the danger that’s slowly but surely approaching.

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