Is there a conspiracy against Herman Cain?

An Atlanta woman, Ginger White, has now come forward to claim a 13 year adulterous relationship, most commonly known as an affair, with Herman Cain. Cain admits to knowing Ms. White for 13 years, but claims that they are just friends. As we all know, four other women have previously come forward to claim sexual misconduct against Mr. Cain. Two of those four have come out and made public statements.

So, can this all be a huge conspiracy against Herman Cain? Are these five women all being paid off by David Axelrod and the Chicago Daley machine mob?

It is now being reported that Harman Cain is now “reassessing” whether he should stay in the Republican presidential race. In other words, Herman Cain will soon be dropping out. He’ll probably claim that he needs to spend time with his family in order to heal. Another way of putting that is that he now has to try talking his wife out of divorcing him and walking away with half of his assets.

If this is a well organized left-wing conspiracy, and if these women are all lying, and their lies ultimately succeed in destroying Mr. Cain’s presidential aspirations, then why not do the same thing to perennial frontrunner Mitt Romney? Why only Herman Cain? Obama and his cronies have millions upon millions of dollars to throw around. And God knows that these people would stop at nothing in pursuit of their Marxist goals.

A rational person can only come to the conclusion that some, if not all, of these allegations probably have some truth to them. Can some of the claims by the accusers be a bit exaggerated? Sure they can, but a pattern seems to have been established.

If all of these women are lying about their relationships and interactions with Herman Cain, he should stay in the race. Would the Herman Cain that we’ve all come to know quit and give up that easily due to baseless allegations – lies?

Short of taking and passing a public polygraph test administered by a recognized expert, or experts, Mr. Cain will surely lose whatever trust and support he has left.

It’s sad, but this looks like the end of the line for Mr. Cain. I hope for the sake of his wife and family that all of these allegations are bald-faced lies. But my rational mind tells me otherwise.

P.S. All political candidates should take a cue from Newt Gingrich. Mr. Gingrich doesn’t have affairs; he just divorces his wives and gets new ones.

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You asked “then why not do the same thing to perennial frontrunner Mitt Romney?” I’ll tell you a couple of Why’s:
1. Romney is not an African-American. President Obama would lose what he percieves (and unfortunately is true) to be an advantage by being the sole A-A candidate if Herman Cain remains in the race. Remember the comments floating around in 2008, implying a voter was racist if they didn’t cast a vote for Barack Obama? That is the major reason the focus has been on Mr. Cain.
2. Mitt Romney has “other baggage” which have been exploited by both the Right and Left and will be used again against him. His “Romneycare” in Massachusetts and changes of position on issues such as stem-cell research, Roe v Wade and TARP are a few which will plague his candidacy.

Consider the time-line for Mr. Cain’s accusers. In the beginning there were 2, followed by a couple more, one accompanied by Gloria Allred. Unfortunately her client seemed to have her own baggage, including her odd relationship with a certain David Axelrod (yes, the same Mr. Axelrod who is now working for President Obama)- credibility gone…Ms. Allred gets quiet and falls from the media spotlight as did her client.
Enter the Penn State child sex incident – it dominates mainstream media, preventing any further Cain accusers from making any meaningful impact. Of course, a couple of weeks go by, the case drops from the media radar and BAM – here we go again, this time with an alleged 13-year affair.

Does that answer your question? If not, at least it may bring some doubt to mind…

Written By Pete on November 30th, 2011 @ 6:40 pm

You make very good points, but I can’t help but think that there’s still something fishy about Mr. Cain’s response to these allegations. He’s very careful in choosing his words when responding; most people would respond a bit differently if falsely accused by 4 or 5 different people, I believe. But then again, most people aren’t running for president, so I guess I can’t really say. I also think the allegations came out a bit too soon to really harm Mr. Cain, if they are in fact all false. There was still plenty of time for Mr. Cain to step in it as he has done recently, especially on foreign policy. I understand that the left would do just about anything to railroad someone, but even Clarence Thomas had only one accuser, not 5. I know that Romney will be attacked, but it’ll be on his Massachusetts healthcare law and on flip-flopping, I doubt very much that they’ll be women coming forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Again, your points a very well taken, but I can’t shake the feeling that something is going on with Mr. Cain in regards to some of these allegations. I really hope that they aren’t true, and I’ll try to keep an open mind.

Written By admin on December 1st, 2011 @ 11:29 am

.. It’s a sad day for our country …

I feel the same way as I would if my wife and I were just involved in a “driver by shooting”, and the windows of our house were just blown-out by some unknown shooters..

There’s nothing different here .. except now we’re talking about a full blown attack to assassinate a rival’s character.

When John Edwards was running for president, it took over 100 days for that horror story to quietly and slowly leak out to the public and they had bucket loads of papers, recordings, witneses, video, etc ….. and even then, it was squashed every night by every liberal TV and paper reporter between Toledo and Tibet….

But with Herman Cain, his attacks started at 8AM and was exploding by noon and sat with the 6PM news boys …. these same reporters and the low lifes at MSNBC made it a point to “make” the news every night – not report it….. no facts, no figures, no copies, no pictures – just voices.

When you have people like Martin Bashir spending 50 minutes on the air calling Herman Cain trash and scum last week, and punk boy Lawrence O’Donnell doing interviews and calling Herman Cain “the worst reflection in the black cess pool of life..” —- we are all in trouble when pundits like these two can make pathetic statements like that.

Herman Cain has brought a whole new level to the American political landscape …. he wasn’t a politician, just a guy from Atlanta — so for the very first time, we, the voters are now talking about issues that have laid hidden and buried for many many years —– after today, the rest of the field will only be debating the echo and the shadow of what Herman Cain has just brought to this new political landscape.

The question is: what was everyone afraid of.?

Written By CRay on December 3rd, 2011 @ 8:28 pm