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Bachmann bows out

I’m still trying to process exactly what happened last night in Iowa. After all of this, I’m still pretty much undecided as to who I will be rooting for to face Obama. Short of sending the Republican nominee money, rooting is about all I can do from a State where my Republican vote gets sucked into a powerful liberal wormhole never to be seen or heard from again.

This morning Michelle Bachmann announced that she is ending her campaign for the nomination. I got a chance to see her press conference and came away impressed. Ms. Bachmann bowed out with both grace and boldness. Bachmann’s message has never changed since she began her quest to be America’s first female president. I know that this phrase is overused, but for some reason, it wasn’t her time.

Note to Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich: Michelle Bachmann would be a pretty good pick for VP. But they’ll probably go with the constitutionally unqualified Marco Rubio instead. Oh well…I guess racial and ethnic politics is here to stay in the good ole USA.

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