A real Shocker: media ignoring Obama’s subpoena in Georgia eligibility case

I wonder how many people that aren’t political news junkies know that Barack Obama, or whatever his real name is, has been subpoenaed to appear in a Georgia Court this Thursday. I’d say the number is pretty close to the number of Chicago Cubs World Series championships.

Judge Michael M. Malihi has rejected a motion by Obama’s legal team to squash the subpoena which requests him to present his original birth records, SS application, and other various records.

Read stories here, here, and here. I tried to get some mainstream media links, but there aren’t any.

Perhaps I’m the insane one, but to think that a sitting president being implored by a court to prove that he is who he says he is isn’t the lead story for every news outlet in the country is simply mind-blowing.

Even the so-called “conservative media” has been silent as a mute church mouse on this.

People can believe what they want, but the fact that this isn’t deemed newsworthy by more than 99% of this nation’s media outlets is kind of scary. Some may say that the media is correct not to cover this “ridiculous story.” But it remains that an American judge presiding over an American courtroom doesn’t think it’s so ridiculous. Isn’t there even a teeny bit of curiosity over this seemingly historic event? After all, it isn’t every day when a court attempts to confirm the identity of a sitting president who has nearly completed his first term. It isn’t every day when a state seriously considers whether or not a sitting president is legally qualified to be on its ballot.

Just what is the media scared of? I know it’s a rhetorical question, but I really like asking it. An even bigger question, and just as rhetorical, is why the so-called conservative media and the so-called right-wing talk radio hosts like Hannity, Levine, and Limbaugh also seem oblivious to this story. Gee…aren’t these the right-wing racists whose only purpose is to smear Barack Obama?

Realistically, this Georgia court will have little redress when King Obama blows them off and fails to appear on Thursday. He already knows that the media won’t inform the public of his failure to comply with this subpoena. Another related story that the MSM, Fox News, and the talk-radio big boys are sure to ignore is the upcoming report from Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s “cold case posse” in regards to Barack Obama’s eligibility and identity. But the preverbial cat is slowly but surely clawing its way out of the heavy duty burlap bag.


What do you think the chances are of this Georgia Judge, Michael M. Malihi, getting an audit notice from the IRS? If I were him I’d make sure to check my brake-lines now and again.

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You are so right about the msm being mute about this – how is it possible that our once “free press” has become nothing but a mouth piece for socialism? This brave judge and sheriff Joe both need to be alert. As we have seen in the past, “accidents” seem to happen to those who are forced by a sense of urgency and honesty to alert the public to grave wrongdoings. Isn’t the press supposed to be on the side of the people? Since the press is only serving the ones who give them their filthy lucre, how are they any different than whores?

Written By Stan on January 29th, 2012 @ 9:53 am

True it’s not everyday that this happens but lots of things don’t happen everyday that aren’t newsworthy, that alone does not make this newsworthy. while it may not happenen everyday this is far from the first case of this kind and all have been dismissed, the first few were covered by the press and after that it just got old.

What is the media scared of? Probably nothing, why does mainstream media not covering a story = fear? My neighbor didn’t take his trash out yesterday until right before the garbage truck came, I wonder why he’s so afraid of his trash, maybe theres a dead body in it.

I am as shocked as anyone that conservative media haven’t put this story up everywhere, but I’d have to imagine that they are smart enough to see this story for what it is just another lame Orly Taitz junk lawsuit.

Written By Nick on January 30th, 2012 @ 4:33 pm

Point taken, but I must disagree.
I don’t believe that a sitting president has ever been challenged in court, by a state, on his eligibility to hold the office – in fact I know it hasn’t happened. The media did think that John McCain’s eligibility was a viable story during the 2008 election. Then there’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio; the man the media loves to cover when he makes his prisoners wear pink and when the DOJ accuses him of violating the civil rights of illegal immigrants, but not a peep on crazy ole Joe and his investigation into Obama’s murky past? The fact is that the media (liberal and conservative) doesn’t want the public to even know there is a controversy over Obama’s records and history. And most of the public still doesn’t!

Written By admin on January 30th, 2012 @ 8:25 pm

This whole issue is a true test for the American people!!, here is a man who claims to be Barack Obama? who has spent millions and countless lawyers to hide or to come up with anything to show some proof that he is in fact a citizen. However what he showed was also proven to be a fake, so now what??!!, the mainstream media have all agreed to blackout this issue and will do so until BHO gets caught red handed. Unlike Bush and many previous presidents they were puppets as well but now when I look further into this issue I ask is the fact that BHO not being an American makes it easier for him to pass bills and go to undeclared wars to destroy this nation of its value. Nixon was caught and impeached but then again at least Nixon respected our laws unlike BHO who mocks them…….he has fooled everyone and in the end there is too much invested in him not to fail. Good luck my fellow citizens and pray we can get Dr. Ron Paul in office.

Written By jimmy rumons on January 31st, 2012 @ 6:04 am

I have emailed many at Foxnews about this and they won’t even mention it. What is going on???????

Written By Ron Rak on January 31st, 2012 @ 1:51 pm

It is not a shocker when you lie, or to give you the benefit of the doubt do not check the assertions.

Here, google it: http://bit.ly/w2pOnl

If you have the guts do not delete this post

Written By Marconi Darwin on January 31st, 2012 @ 7:11 pm

Nice try but the links you supplied are predominately from bloggers. We all know that the mainstream media drives the news in this country. If it isn’t mentioned on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox, chances are most people don’t know about it, or don’t take it seriously. Then there’s 60 Minutes, Dateline, and 20/20. Where are their stories digging into these claims? They sure did manage to cover the heck out of abu ghraib; not to mention Natalie Holloway and Casey Anthony – didn’t they?

Written By admin on January 31st, 2012 @ 11:29 pm

UNBELIEVABLE!! You better bet they be careful! Just like the Georgia senator and her husband were killed in a supposed suicide/murder right before she was going to blow the lid on the Georgia Child Protective Services criminal activities. Thanks to Bush’s patriot act They can now arrest any US citizen as a suspected terrorist, no warrant, no judge no jury. Were ALL in trouble!!

Written By matt on February 28th, 2012 @ 6:48 pm