Ethnic politics dominate GOP debate in Florida

Nothing new really came out of last night’s CNN GOP debate in Jacksonville, Florida. There’ve been so many debates that they all seem like re-runs by now. It’s Groundhog Day all over again, as Mitt Romney said last night about Obama’s State of the Union address this past Tuesday. It was actually the best line of last night’s debate.

One thing that did stand out in the Jacksonville debate was the ugly face of ethnic politics. All of the candidates were flashing their “Hispanic appreciation credentials.” In other words, the candidates were kissing mucho culo.

Immigration was a hot topic (notice how now immigration=Hispanics) and “Hispanic-American” questioners shamelessly asked the candidates about what Hispanic they would put into their cabinet. Of course, all of the candidates with the exception of Ron Paul gladly jumped into the childish game. Paul was the only one that didn’t drool over Marco Rubio saying that he would appoint the most qualified Americans – period.

Leave it to CNN to find a questioner from the audience who claimed to be a “Palestinian-American Republican.” The man assured the candidates that there were a lot more (Palestinian/American/Republicans) from where he came from.

My response to that is simply this:

The candidates seemed to share my skepticism over the man’s claim because they didn’t attempt to kiss his culo as they did with the Hispanic questioners.

I fully understand politics and know that the candidates were simply doing what most politicians do extremely well – kissing ass! But aren’t Republicans/Conservatives supposed to be against hyphenated Americanism? And why do “Hispanics” get all of the attention over all other ethnic groups? Can it be because there are a lot more of them than other ethnic groups? If so, why are there so many more, and is it fair that one group gets special treatment in regards to immigration over all others? Oh wait a minute, can this have anything to do with illegal immigration and all of the now “legal” anchor babies that it produced, and continues to produce?

Question: When was the last time a Polish, Hungarian, Czech, or Croatian American got his/her tukus kissed by a candidate for president? Just asking!

One of the candidates really missed a big opportunity last night to stand out from the crowd and to stand with the majority of Americans. One of the candidates missed the opportunity to say that unlike Obama, we conservatives don’t believe in racial and ethnic politics; we don’t believe in affirmative action and racial/ethnic set asides; we don’t believe that Americans should separate themselves into groups that compete for federal money and power; we don’t believe in hyphenated Americanism. But hey, politicians will be politicians.

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