Washington Examiner: Obama camp: If election were today, Mitt would win

Drudge linked to a piece from the Washington Examiner which quotes Obama campaign manager Jim Messina saying that if the election were held today Obama would lose to Mitt Romney.

Read story here.

While some political insiders may claim that this is a way to boost fundraising by putting a scare into Obama’s supporters, I can’t help but to smell a rat. Sorry, but this is just the way I think; especially coming from Obama’s people.

Can it be that the Obama machine is trying to beef up Republican support for Mitt Romney because they want to run against Romney? Just when Romney’s inevitability seems to be crumbling like a house of cards, this comes out, hmm…

In light of Mitt ‘I saved the Salt Lake City Olympics’ Romney’s recent troubles in sewing up the nomination, there seem to be some republicans that are worried about the electability of Rick Santorum; at least according to the blogosphere. My friend over at the Lonely Conservative states that she’s hearing from “middle of the road voters” that say they would pull the lever for Romney, but not for Santorum. Read piece here.

I won’t even begin to make believe that I have the answers to any of this. Do I think that Obama can be beat by Santorum? I believe so, but I also believe that Romney and Gingrich can beat him too. Massive voter fraud aside, I just can’t get myself to believe that the majority of voters that aren’t hard-core leftists, hard-core idiots, or hard-core welfare cases will vote to reelect Obama. Just the price of gasoline alone, and Obama’s refusal to do anything about it, should have even unsophisticated voters casting their vote for Anyone but Obama.

But then again, who knows.

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Reader Comments

I entirely agree. Considering that Obama isn’t qualified to be President under the Constitution in the first place, there shouldn’t even be consideration of him running for a second term. But then, nothing surprises me anymore-I wouldn’t be shocked to see an ant carrying an elephant on it’s back across the room!
I wouldn’t doubt that something isn’t already being planned to throw the election off by some major catastrophic event—use your imagination! Something sinster this way comes & I wish it wasn’t so. I hope I will end up feeling like one paranoid fool,believe me.

Written By LC on March 14th, 2012 @ 1:09 pm

Voter fraud worries me a lot this time around. As far as I see it its the only way he wins. Even with the MSM running adoring piece after adoring piece. But I feel like these leftist will stop at nothing to get their man back in.

Written By Crooklyn Conservative on March 14th, 2012 @ 9:05 pm

I’ll do you one better….or worse….it feels to me like his second term is already bought and paid for. For a man with arguably the worst presidential record in history, he looks pretty relaxed out there on the campaign trail. Theoretically, he should have not a snowball’s- chance-in-hell at being re-elected, yet he his confidence is bounding. I’m sure the DNC is working away, busy little propaganda bees, but I definitely smell a rat as well.

Written By DJMom on March 20th, 2012 @ 10:02 am

DJMOM, I’m with you on that! Another thing that has me bothered in this mess,is, while ANY of the Repub. candidates would be an improvement over that piece of work occupying the WH now, I don’t see a real strong candidate that I can get terribly excited about. I do like Mitt, seems to have a very nice family too, but he hasn’t gotten as strong a base like I would like to see. Has along the way just had problems “closing the deal”, as they say. It’s got to get better to go against the obamanation-. I am fearful that many people will wrongly assume that it’s a slam dunk to win in 2012 because of what is “obvious” to the informed. And I smell a rat, too !

Written By LC on March 20th, 2012 @ 3:04 pm