Queens, New York: mosques, mosques, and more mosques

First, a little background for our non-NY visitors:

NYC is comprised of five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. The Bronx is the only one of the five boroughs that is part of the mainland. Manhattan and Staten Island are separate Islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are part of what everyone calls Long Island. Many people still don’t realize that Long Island is comprised of four counties. There are Nassau and Suffolk counties, which people refer to as Long Island. Then there’s Kings County (Brooklyn) and Queens County (Queens).

Anyway, within these boroughs are neighborhoods that can be as different as night and day. I reside in a neighborhood called Astoria which is in the northwest part of Queens right across the East River from Manhattan.  See map here.

Anyone who’s lived in this neighborhood for the past decade could tell you about the ever-growing number of mosques that have popped up and continue to pop up. I count seven what I call full-size mosques; and I can’t tell you how many more storefront mosques also reside in the area. Three of the bigger mosques are all within a five minute walk of each other.

Aside from the abundance of mosques, there is about a three block long strip of real estate located on Steinway Street (Little Middle East) where at least 95 percent of the businesses, mostly composed of restaurants and hookah bars, are owned and run by Muslims. During the summer you can barely walk down the sidewalk because these establishments put hundreds of plastic lounge chairs out on the sidewalk for their customers, friends, and families to sit in. Yes there are laws against this! Non-Muslim businesses need sidewalk café permits in order to have seating outside their establishments. These permits cost thousands of dollars per year depending on the amount of sidewalk space used. Not surprisingly, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and the NYPD have decided to not get on the bad side of the Muslim community and basically ignore the fact these establishments blatantly block pedestrian sidewalk traffic.

My little neighborhood in Queens is slowly but surely being overrun by Muslims. And I don’t like it one bit!

Are we learning nothing from Western Europe? Why do we continue to speed down the road to national and cultural suicide with no brakes? Are we dumb or cowardly – or both? Of course, these are all rhetorical questions and those that still have free minds know the answers all too well.

Another silly rhetorical question is why do people that hate our culture and Judeo Christian values still want to come and live here?

Why, oh, why?

While I’m on a roll with the whys, why also is it that only the United States and Western Europe are expected, if not demanded, to have religious and cultural diversity?  Where is the diversity in the Muslim Middle East? Who in the hell made these rules anyway? Why are record numbers of mosques being built here while churches and synagogues in the Middle East are as rare as an honest liberal? And the few that do exist are methodically being burned to the ground in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring. Meanwhile, a scary study came out not too long ago that stated that the number of mosques in the U.S. has nearly doubled since 9/11. But hey, I guess we had to make it up to them for what they did to us. How’s that for a brain-teaser!

Read story here and cry if you must for our nation and for mankind in general.

This is a bit too much for me so I have to sign off now and try to temporarily take my mind off all of the insanity. Maybe a nice glass of wine would help. Maybe two glasses would help even more.

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Reader Comments

We Americans just don’t seem to have any backbone. If we go to the Mideast, Bibles better darn sure be left home. Even in American compounds like, for example,Aramco,in Saudi Arabia. It’s all their way or ELSE–and that “or else” isn’t pleasant !
But, the Muslims come here by the droves & expect to build mosques & make demands regarding laws. Heck, they’ve taken over some cities (ie Dearborn,MI). WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE–I mean, WTF?
I heard that they had to burn Bibles sent to our Troops over there. We are pouring billions of dollars to try to help those sand fleas have a better life & come out of the dark ages, & they dare tell us we can’t have our Bibles?
The lack of a sane immigration policy is destroying us from within-thanks to the leftie globalist bottom dwelling scum suckers-. Take a bow, you’ve succeeded with opening a floodgate of third world moochers who show up with hands out–and benefits waiting on them! This is all part of a bigger picture of bringing us into the New World dis-Order.
Question is, what do we do about it? We have a bunch of worthless, self-serving, “so called conservative” Senators & Congressmen who aren’t stepping up to do the job they were voted in to do. Most of them are all part of the “brotherhood” as I am finding in my researching-.
Blogging and exchanging thoughts is great, but what is actually going to change the path of destruction the United States, as we have known it is rapidly heading?
We the people (or is it sheeple?) need a strong leader, to organize the many conservatives around the US who love and want to preserve this Country. WE outnumber the bad guys folks–but if we don’t find a way to do SOMETHING , we will fall. Think it’s not coming soon? Then read up on the new powers Obama has set up for the Executive branch and the new spying on everyday citizens for starters.
This Muslem influx is extremely disturbing & I’m angry too–but this is only one part of a deeper problem.

Written By LC on March 19th, 2012 @ 10:21 am

This is a GREAT commentary ! I think you have brought out some extremely important points. I share your feelings on this subject & it frustrates the pork out of me to see this attempt by Muslims to gradually take over this Nation! And you had better believe this is the goal-.

Written By LC on March 19th, 2012 @ 10:35 am

Exactly! What also equally scares me and infuriates me at the same time is out beloved liberals defending Islam. In my neighborhood the libs seem to believe that Islam is just another religion -just another culture; totally harmless. They believe the Muslim propaganda that they’re a religion of peace and that women are treated respectfully. I’ve witnessed over and over again a fully covered (head to toe) Muslim woman walking down the street and a dangerously brain-dead liberal walking by beaming with joy and smiling at the woman; they feel soooo good that we have such wonderful diversity. I on the other hand look upon her in disgust. Seeing women on American streets dressed like that makes me absolutely sick! Western women wouldn’t be allowed to walk on a Saudi or Iranian street in a bikini or short-shorts. We have to accept everything, while they (Islam) accept nothing short of total adherence to their sick twisted laws. Why allow the enemy into your home? Why, why, why, why?

Written By admin on March 19th, 2012 @ 11:59 am

You nailed it! Our greatest enemy IS the Liberals. The puppet masters who lead them are pure evil marxists, who have plotted for many years how to bring a nation down. One phase is flooding a country with third world immigrants & then to push “diversity”/”multiculturism. The premise seems innocent enough-I mean, don’t most people want to learn to get along with & understand people of other cultures better? But, it is far from innocent, and, as we are seeing from Europe & now here in the US, diversity,as being implemented, is only breaking down the very fabric of a society, and draining it’s resources. The Muslims don’t have any plans to become part of the host country–they want to take it over ! They want to maintain their third world culture while using our very laws against us. I wish they would pack up their Korans & go back to their sandpiles! (Gosh, I guess you could say I’m “intolerant”—-; YOU BETCHA, I’ve had it with the insanity!

Written By LC on March 19th, 2012 @ 9:59 pm

As long as your on a “why” track, why are Muslims in general being shoved down our throats…sitcoms, movies, commercials? It’s out of control. LC’s point, “why let the enemy into your home”, is valid…..no, not just valid, it’s common sense! There are clearly “powers that be” not only allowing this cancerous muslim cult……yes CULT, to spread but actually promoting it! MSM loves nothing more than to champion self-loathing, apologetic American wimps who bow to cloaked women, shake their heads at the mere mention of the words “national defense” while driving around in their disgusting little Euro-box hybrids listening to NPR report on another chastising from the UN or worse. Americanneeds a new kind of cowboy…..

Written By DJMom on March 20th, 2012 @ 9:49 am

america is not a christian nation. thats why theres separation of church and state. So everyone else should chill because there are still a lot of churches and synogagues. America is diverse. We are a land of immigrants. The fore fathhers came here to escape religious persecution and yet centuries later, americans are creating religious problems. And leave the middle east out of this because their ARE founded off of religious laws. America was founded off of freedom. And ya better get used to it! ‘Cause we aint leavin’ any time soon!!!!

Written By freedomwriter on August 1st, 2012 @ 2:43 pm