A mosque grows in Brooklyn

Atlas Shrugs has a post about a mosque being built on a quiet residential street in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. The original proposal of this mosque was protested last summer by the good people of Sheepshead Bay, but as usual, the Muslims won out.

Now it seems that the mosque is bigger than originally proposed and the vipers behind the mosque used a loophole in the law in order to build this evil eyesore without supplying parking for their so-called worshippers; I prefer to call them cultists, among other things. As Pamela Geller points out, the block will be crawling with tons of additional cars with limited spaces to park them, especially on Fridays.

See Atlas Shrugs piece and photos here.

What will wind up happening is that residents will have cars blocking their driveways, cars double and even triple-parked, and cars blocking fire hydrants. Good luck getting the cops to do anything. I should know; I have six full-size mosques in my neighborhood and they park anywhere they damn please without being ticketed. On top of that, the non-Muslim residence of the area will now be treated to hearing the “call to prayer” several times per day. I should know about that too because in the spring and summer when our windows are open I can hear it loud and clear. To me it’s spooky and satanic although I’m sure there are many liberal yuppies in the neighborhood who think it’s just marvelous; such a shining example of multiculturalism and diversity.

Of course, if a Catholic Church rang its bells at all hours of the night the same liberal morons would be complaining to the Archdiocese and to their local community boards.

Basically all of these mosques popping up in residential neighborhoods and their rude calls to prayer are just a big F-You to the rest of us. They don’t really need all of these mosques; they build them to send a message – as symbols. It’s their way of telling us that they’re here, they’re here to stay, and they’re here to multiply and expand.

And rest assured they’ll soon be coming to a neighborhood near you!

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Reader Comments

This infuriates me to the core! This was cleared “under the table” so to speak. The good, non-cult members of Sheepshead Bay protested this fiercely. The whole thing went in the we’ll-take-another-look-at-it folder….so they were told. Y’ know, the level of quiet power that these murderous, that’s what I’m calling them now, cultists seem to have is mind blowing! When….WHEN….are we going to collectively wake-up and see this for what it is?! This is nothing more than infiltration towards a great cause….PERIOD! What’s next, sheria law??? I have so called “intelligent” friends why call me cynical nd crazy. Really….REALLY? Someone needs to shake the shit out of us, collectively, so as to at the very least unite SOME of us to move against this foreign CANCER!

Written By DJFlo on March 28th, 2012 @ 8:12 pm

I agree. We elect all the morons who (dis)serve us–they sell us out. We need to find some REAl patriots that will actually serve the people and care about what’s best for community/state/federal government. And vote out the bums who sold us out. Mosques do not belong in our landscape as this is happening. And, yes, it is an “in your face” symbol of victory for Islam over the very ideals of our Nation. Problem is, who can be the “uniter” to help us take back our Country? As long as low down liberals have the reins it is only going to get worse. Another generation & our culture is going to be history. That’s the goal, and it looks like they are succeeding. I’m trying to understand how our supposedly conservative leaders have let things get to this point. I hate being negative, but,it’s a grim picture.

Written By LC on March 29th, 2012 @ 1:20 pm