Trayvon Martin:unfortunate pawn in Obama’s reelection campaign

Earlier this week I caught Juan Williams (Fox News contributor) discussing the Trayvon Martin case on the Fox Business Channel’s Lou Dobbs Tonight. See video here.

Let me try and explain this in my own non-journalistic, non-professional talking-head way.

Whenever there’s a “racial incident” where a black is the victim, the severity of the incident is judged by a variety of factors which now seem to include not only color and ethnic background, but also the political affiliation of the parties involved. The mainstream media deserves most of the credit for this new way of looking at… well just about everything.

For instance:

  • If George Zimmerman was just a run-of-the-mill white guy of German dissent, and was a registered Republican, this would be the worst case scenario insofar as racism is concerned. This would definitely be hate-crime territory.
  • If Zimmerman was just a run-of-the-mill white guy, but a registered Democrat, the racism angle would still be there, but maybe not quite as severe as White/Republican.
  • If Zimmerman was a white Hispanic (as he is) and a registered Republican, that would probably be equal to him being a regular white guy who is a registered Democrat.
  • If he was a white Hispanic who is also a registered Democrat (as is the case) it’s still pretty bad, apparently.
  • If Zimmerman was a dark or “brown Hispanic” the racial undertones would diminish greatly. If he was a “brown Hispanic” who was also a registered Democrat, or an illegal alien, the racial undertones would be almost non-existent.
  • And finally; if Zimmerman was black (African American) this would just be chalked up as an everyday occurrence and most of us would never have heard of it.

The fact is that the death of Trayvon Martin is simply a tool of the Obama reelection campaign – period!

This incident happened over a month ago and was only a local issue until Sharpton and/or his ilk happened to stumble upon the story fairly recently. They jumped on the story and turned it into a national issue because they saw the name Zimmerman with his photo and automatically assumed that he was a white guy, maybe even a Jew. And we know how Sharpton feels about Jews. Even though the cat is out of the bag now in regards to Zimmerman being a Hispanic-Democrat, the Obama reelection team has no choice but to play it out.

During the election of 2008 Barack Obama promised the world to his ignorant supporters, many of whom supported him simply because he was black – or is it half black – or is it half Indonesian? Who the hell really knows? Anyway, not much has changed for Black America since the election of Obama. The reality is that they probably have it worse, especially concerning employment; the benefits (aka government handouts) have stayed the same or risen. Regardless, many ignoramuses like as the famous Peggy Joseph truly believed that Obama would be giving out free homes, free cars, free gasoline, etc.

YouTube Preview Image

Marxism relies heavily on ignorance, stupidity and envy in order to get foothold in a society. But the problem for Obama and his minions is that the intensity the black community showed for him in 2008 is just not there anymore. While most blacks, especially those living in public housing and collecting government checks still love him, most have now slipped back into a comfortable apathy. And Obama and his cronies are very concerned. They need a rallying call to arms. And they think they got it in the unfortunate (for both Martin and Zimmerman) incident that occurred in Florida back on February 25th. Obama can’t promise blacks the world anymore, but he can claim to be in solidarity with them by using the narrative of white racism. That’s all Obama and his team really have. That and election fraud, of course.

P.S. I really wish the media would stop showing Trayvon Martin’s baby pictures next to the big bloated face of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is considerably slimmer now and looks far less sinister, while Martin was six-foot-three at the time of his death and dressed in the typical thug attire that’s promoted by rich black people and opportunistic clothing companies. So please spare us the whole big mean adult vs. the young innocent child propaganda.

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