Obama, Trayvon Martin, and race relations in America

As most who are familiar with this blog know, I rarely if ever just link to another blog-post without at least adding in my own two cents. Much like Elaine Benes who likes so much to dance even though she’s really not that good at it, I plead guilty to sometimes loving the sound of my own keyboard even though I’m really not that good at writing. But I happened to stumble upon a blog-post that says everything about the current Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, as well as the truth about the relationship between White and Black America, that even I can’t add a single thing to it.

It may be a bit long for a typical blog-post, but well worth the extra time.

Read here.

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Thanks for sharing this blog. While I thought it was a pathetic attempt to cause even more racial tension, I hadn’t even looked at the idea of Obama’s dilema, & how this is like a “gift” that he can use to fire up his campaign.
Fact is , 17 yr. old (and younger-) black youths murder every day–it wasn’t that long ago that 2 British teens visiting in FL were murdered by a 17 yr. old black “child”.
And that 10 children -on a 6 yr.old girl were murdered in the same month–no outrage there-that was black on black crime. That is different–where are fat lip Al & jesse with there calls for justice and for civility in their community??
Trayvon’s life was more important though, because it was thought that the “child” was murdered by a white dude! The slugs who profit off enciting racial tensions like Sharpton & Jackson & the New Black Panther Party are disgusting.

Written By LC on March 31st, 2012 @ 1:35 pm

His points are all valid. He lays them out well and I’d say I agree. I am just bothered by his pretentious style of writing and his this -isn’t-opinion-but -fact presentation. In fairness, that annoys me, in anypolitical opinion piece. Regardless, the disturbing part to me is that the assessment is not only accurate but unavoidable. As he points out, even a republican victory in November sets this moron up for default rule.

Written By DJMom on April 1st, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

Thanks as usual for your passionate comments. I can’t really add anything to what you said.

Your point about the author is a valid one. My first look at your comment was from my Word Press admin page so I didn’t see the post it was attached to right away. You gave me a scare there because I initially believed you were referring to me. Not that it would have been a problem – I have pretty thick skin. I even called my wife over and she eased my anxiety by expressing her belief that you were talking about the link. I agree that pretentiousness and arrogance are not good traits under any circumstance. I take heart from your comments though, and I need as much as possible to remain clear that I’m giving my opinion. When a person has their own venue it can easily turn into an ego-fest. While I take my beliefs very seriously, I try my best to not take myself too seriously. My intentions in starting this blog (actually wife’s idea; she was probably sick of listening to me) were never to make money or to become a blogging star, but rather to vent my frustrations at the goings-on in our society. I also realized that people much dumber than me had no problem expressing their opinions – so why not me? Thanks for your comments and your honesty.

Written By admin on April 2nd, 2012 @ 2:38 pm

Lol! My sincerest apologies! I was absolutely referring to the link. I understand that starting, and up-keeping any blog lends naturally to one’s own opinion. I find that you can usually read an opinion piece that is written as such and that of one written by someone who ” knows everything”. You know what I mean? Regardless, I felt the writer in e link would drive me insane, even in agreeing with him, if I read him regularly. I do however read yours regularly and find that , even your most passionate pieces, come across as an opinion. Feel free to put me in my place, I have pretty thick skin as well, it comes with being a conservative in NY….lol!

Written By DJMom on April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:43 pm