TSA thug throws coffee at pilot

I and many others have often referred to the typical TSA screening agents as thugs. Well, we may be more correct than we even expected.

A TSA thugette working at JFK international airport threw a cup of coffee at an American Airlines pilot when he told her and her co-thugs to watch their language, which included use of the dreaded N-Word.

Note: The Pilot, Steven Trivett, evidently didn’t know that it’s fine for some to use the N-Word, while it’s a potential hate crime for others.

The TSA thugette who threw the coffee was identified as Lateisha El of East New York, Brooklyn. One of her fellow TSA agents managed to be a bit more professional than Ms. El and only cursed out the pilot and told him to mind his business. Who says TSA agents never show restraint?

Surprisingly, Ms. El was charged with harassment and misdemeanor-assault. Evidently this assault wasn’t against a paying airline customer, therefore the charges.

Read New York Post story here.

I wonder what this “screener” was doing before she was hired by the TSA other than hanging out on street corners drinking from a paper bag.

Stay still bitch! I got a coffee break coming up in two minutes.

Like I’ve said previously, the TSA knew exactly what kind of people to hire. They knew that certain people would have no problem feeling-up anyone from 2 years of age up to 100, provided they receive a paycheck, benefits, and a bit of power. It’s basically the same people that become traffic agents to give out $100 tickets for parking on a meter that expired 5 seconds ago.

The Iranian government hires-out backward trash from the countryside to help quell the occasional demonstrations in Tehran. These thugs are often in their early teens and have carte blanche to do whatever they want, including beating and shooting unarmed Iranian women. It’s kind of scary, but I wonder just how far some of these TSA screeners would go given marching orders/permission from the federal government. I truly hope that I’m wrong about some of my fears, but I don’t know.

Is it any wonder why the Left loves the idea of hiring more and more federal government employees and creating more and more federal agencies? When the you-know-what hits the fan they (Government) potentially have thousands upon thousands of extra troops to mobilize at the drop of a hat.

P.S. My preemptive apologies to all of the patriotic decent hard-working government employees; I know you’re out there.  Unfortunately, many of your co-workers make you look bad far too often.

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