Battling the negativity

I’ve been coming to realize that this whole blogging thing has really turned into a festival of negativity and bitching.

No, I’m not going to turn mushy and start posting pictures of kittens rolling around in tulip gardens. I consider myself a realist. And the things that I blog about, mainly politics and culture, are what they are. There’s no getting around the fact that all is not well in our beloved country.

We are currently engulfed in a national debt that’s simply mind-boggling, debt that will have profound effect on human beings who are 20 to 30 years from even being born. This debt has tripled since the current occupant of the White House was inaugurated.

Unemployment is still up over 8% (8.3%) officially, while the real-world figure is probably closer to 16%. This follows an average rate of 5.03 percent for the decade before the current occupant of the White House was inaugurated. Since he’s been in the White House the average rate is 9.03%.

Gasoline prices are already up over $4 nationally with pockets of the country already paying over $5 and even $6 per gallon. And the prime summer driving season isn’t even upon us yet.

Largely due to gasoline prices the cost of everyday items, and particularly food, is also up substantially.

After a nearly two decade free-fall, crime is also starting to creep back up – particularly violent crime.

Our culture is becoming more debased by the day with millions upon millions of people worshipping at the altar of characters like Lady Gaga and all the other cult of personalities. Not to mention the vile sub-culture known as Hip Hop that continues to spread into the mainstream.

Now we’re heading into what will most certainly be the ugliest political season in our nation’s history. The occupant of the White House is getting angry and desperate, and his true nature is coming out.  His minions will attempt to deceive, deflect, and generally wreak havoc right up to election night. Some will see this for what it is, while still far too many won’t. These are the lost souls who’ve been corrupted by government handouts, political correctness, and envy of their fellow citizens.

And I don’t even want to go into the ever-present threat of Islam which continues to spread to every corner of the earth like an evil fog seeping up from the depths of hell.

So who can really blame me for sounding so negative most of the time?


Well, this Easter week-end I took it easy and spent time with family and friends; it was a needed relief. I need to do that a bit more than I have.  To relieve stress I’ve also been volunteering at an animal rescue shelter when I have the time. It’s truly unbelievable how dogs that were abused and neglected beyond imagination are capable of putting the past behind and just living in the moment.

All of us that are truly worried about the future of our country should follow the example of our four-legged canine friends and at least try to live in the moment – especially the good moments! We can worry while still having a good time, being grateful for what we have, and being as happy as we possibly can.

In that spirit, here’s a short clip that makes me crack-up every time I see it.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, stay tuned for more doom and gloom as well as the usual liberal-bashing.

Unemployment stats from Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Tee Hee—that clip was precious ! No words needed here, except thanks for that laugh !!

Written By LC on April 11th, 2012 @ 11:25 am