IHOP sued over firing Muslims

I saw a link on the Drudge Report about 4 Muslim managers suing IHOP in the Dallas Metroplex area for being terminated.

Read story here.

Before I even know anything about the case, I say boo f*****g hoo!

Of course the four managers in question claim that they were terminated because of their religion, because of discrimination. They claim that they were constantly harassed by their co-workers.

Allow me to step away from my laptop for a moment and get some Kleenex.

I predict that these types of lawsuits will become commonplace in the next few years. They know exactly what they’re doing. They want to intimidate businesses and individuals to the point where we have to kowtow to all of their “religious based” demands. God forbid anyone even look at them sideways, they’ll be running to their lawyer’s office.

When was the last time a Christian sued a company because he or she had to work on a Sunday? The obvious answer from the employer would be to go to Mass before or after their shift – case closed. But these people have to pray a million times per freakin day – how convenient! And yes, maybe I’m not being completely fair and objective in this case, but I’m sick and tired of giving these people the benefit of the doubt while we (Americans/Westerners/Christians/Jews) get nothing in return. I’m sick and tired of playing under two different sets of rules.

I find it totally maddening that the most intolerant religion (and I use the word loosely) and society in the history of mankind has the chutzpah to demand tolerance from every other society and religion in the world. There are little to no churches in the vast majority of Middle Eastern Muslim countries, but they get to build their mosques unfettered throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.


Instead of laying down the law to these zealots, we continue to appease and accommodate them. We give them an inch and they want a f*****g mile. We try and show tolerance and trust, and they show us nothing but contempt. Not to mention that they try to blow us up every once in a while.

If Muslims truly just seek a better life and want to be treated with tolerance and respect, I strongly suggest that they show some in return. It’s called reciprocation!

When the Irish, Italians, and Slavs started coming here en masse in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, they weren’t exactly greeted with open arms either. But the vast majority of them kept their noses to the grind-stone, kept their mouths shut, and earned the respect of the natives. It’s called integration and assimilation. But these simple concepts seem to be foreign to Islamic culture.

I have an idea! The next time there’s a terrorist attack (or thwarted plot) perpetrated by a Muslim, (as 99.9% are) why don’t all of the moderate peace-loving Muslims get together for a “million Muslim march” on Washington where they can wave the American flag while giving interviews and speeches condemning the terrorists and praising American values?

Let’s just say I’m not exactly holding my breath waiting.

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