May Day OWS shenanigans???

I just got back in and want to report on some possible OWS shenanigans that I (and probably hundreds of others) witnessed at roughly 3:15pm.

My wife and I were walking on a busy avenue (Broadway) when she quickly went into a shop while I stood and waited outside. All of a sudden a young woman (about 25 or so) turns the corner and heads towards me completely topless (no bra, no shirt, no anything!) and nonchalantly walks down Broadway.

On the bottom half of her body she was wearing what looked to be grey cloth sweatpants.

Needless to say, she caused quite a ruckus and had heads turning everywhere; many were trying to snap pictures on their smart-phones. It was quite a scene! When my wife came back out she had missed the entire episode and I had to explain it to her. My story was confirmed by dozens of others still openly discussing it on the sidewalks as we walked down Broadway.

You would think that Elvis just walked down the street; some people really need to get a life.

Anyway, the topless woman’s body wasn’t painted or anything (she didn’t have OWS stenciled on her chest. A little short on body parts- I guess), and she wasn’t chanting slogans or holding any signs. But somehow, the first thing that came to mind was OWS and May Day. However, she seemed very clean and didn’t have six inches of hair protruding from her armpits – so who knows.

So is this the mayhem and chaos they promised for today – their watered-down outer-borough version?  Was this a way of trying to cause car accidents? Or trying to get couples to start fighting? Or giving senior citizens a heart attack? I really don’t know!

But if this is all they got, it’s pretty pathetic.

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In Astoria, NY today at approx 4:20 pm, a young woman crossed 33rd street at Broadway completely nude from the waist up. I saw her stroll across the avenue and continue strolling toward 34th Avenue. She was alone and no one happened to be walking close to her. No one seemed to react strongly and no one bothered her.

??? Hope someone can explain. I assumed it was part of performance art or something. She was slender with long hair and had a calm, serious demeanor.

Written By Astoria resident on May 1st, 2012 @ 7:27 pm

Astoria resident:
I saw her around 35th and Broadway, but it was between 3:15 -3:30. She must have been strolling around for quite some time. But your description fits – that was her.

Written By admin on May 2nd, 2012 @ 7:34 pm