Obama milking the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s demise

A year ago today Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed by U.S. Navy Seals in his rat infested safe-house in Pakistan. (I say supposedly because we were never allowed to see the death photos and his body was quickly buried at sea, as is supposedly a Muslim/Arab custom even though most of them live in the desert. But I digress; and I accept the premise that OBL is dead and sleeping with the fishes.)

Today, a year later, Obama is shamelessly milking his great military achievement and his leadership in the OBL operation (Operation Neptune Spear). What a president! He’s not only decisive and tough, but he’s cool and hip to boot.

Should Mitt Romney even bother to run?

Below is a famous photo of our fearless leader coordinating the Seal attack on bin Laden from his war room.

As anyone can see, Obama’s leadership and presence is overwhelming. He just takes over a room doesn’t he? Well, maybe a room where his people along with his friends in Hollywood stage an event, but in a legitimate setting – not so much.

If this photo was taken into the bowels of the Amazon Jungle and shown to a tribe that has absolutely no contact with the outside world, who would the tribe members identify as the leader? Not BHO, that for sure! They would probably peg him as a janitor who was cleaning the room then inadvertently got stuck there and was told to lay low and keep quiet. He looks bored and pretty much disengaged. Kind of how I would look if I was sitting in on a seminar about the latest techniques in crocheting. The fact that Joe Biden even looks more interested and engaged should really tell you something.


If I had to guess what was going on in BHO’s mind at the time this photo was taken, I would guess that he was probably thinking something like this:

  • ‘I wonder what the score of the Washington Wizard, NY Knick game is.’
  • ‘I wonder what the Chef is cooking up for dinner tonight – hope it’s the Kobe Beef again.’
  • ‘Will Michelle be upset when she hears we killed OBL?’
  • ‘Biden is such an asshole; I still can’t believe I picked him.’
  • ‘Hope this doesn’t take long, I tee-off at 8am tomorrow.’
  • ‘I’m dying for a cigarette.’
  • ‘I knew I should have used the restroom before we came in here.’
  • ‘I hear the weather in Monaco is great this time of year.’
  • ‘I forgot to eat walk the dog, hope he doesn’t go on the rug again.’
  • ‘Fucking Hillary is trying to upstage me again.’

This is fun! I can probably go on for days, but the point is pretty clear that the Obama team is really reaching for straws due to the fact that they can’t run on his record. So why not try and manufacture the gravitas, and yes, coolness that he obviously doesn’t possess?

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Reader Comments

I really wouldn’t have released that picture. It appeared like a group watching a football game. There was no one who looked “presidential” in that group. Great image for all the world to see.

Written By LC on May 2nd, 2012 @ 2:39 pm