Big mouth Barkley gets political during NBA broadcast

For the record, I stopped watching basketball years ago much because of a-holes like Charles Barkley. The NBA has been completely hijacked by Hip Hop culture, in my opinion.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Charles Barkley run his stupid mouth over the years should be able to notice that he’s obsessed with race. Barkley even once snapped at reporters: “that’s why I hate white people.”  I wonder what his white wife thinks about that!

Every chance he gets, Barkley manages to inject race into an issue, whether it be the Michael Vick incident or the hiring and firing of coaches.

When seeing Mitt Romney on the video screen attending a Celtic game in Boston over the weekend, Barkley made the following crack: See USA Today story with video here.

The crazy thing is that Barkley has managed to fool many people over the years because of his seemingly jolly persona. I remember when Rush Limbaugh used to sing the praises of Barkley and even referred to him as a conservative. A few holes of golf together and Barkley is suddenly Ronald Reagan. Shame on you Rush for being snookered by this con man!

While Barkley may be a blowhard and an idiot, I’m pretty sure that he’s not crazy about handing over anymore of his income to the federal government. But he’ll support Obama for one reason and one reason only – because he’s BLACK!

Charles Barkley making this type of political statement during a basketball broadcast is just shrugged off as Charles being Charles, but Ted Nugent just being Ted Nugent while making political statements during an NRA event merits a visit from the Secret Service. Makes sense to me!

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Reader Comments

You said it! I’m also sick of these “blow hards” who want to bring RACE to the forefront of everything ! You take a white person saying the same things—it’s front-page & talking points mulling for days!

Written By LC on May 8th, 2012 @ 3:01 am

This is irritating, to say the least. The thing about it that softens it for me is his complete ignorance! He sounds so utterly ridiculous that I’m almost less offended by him. All I can say is, good thing he could play basketball, he had no shot at rocket science.
What REaLLY bothers me about this type of thing is that he’s ALLOWED to say it without reprimand! First of all, stay out of politics Chuck and stick to calling the game. Secondly, could you even IMAGINE absolutely ANY white sports announcer, or ANY white journalist for that matter, saying the reverse?!! That’s the real “wrong” for me
Does basketball really matter anymore?…just asking….let’s go RANGERS!

Written By DJMom on May 8th, 2012 @ 10:49 am

Charles Barkley always gets a pass for whatever he says or does, no matter how stupid or prejudice it is. The list is endless, so I will just bring up his tirade against women years ago. He said he (who never served) does not want women in the Army and ranted he did not want them in other places also. He did not say in combat,which is a completely different topic! As a U.S.A.F. male Veteran, his rant against women in the “Army” is so stupid as well as offensive towards women serving America so he can be free! Yes slavery is over Mr. Barkley! All the local sports radio hosts just love “Sir Charles” They are mostly Jewish and I know “Sir Charles” is not fond of Jews from other past Antisemitic remarks. Go figure!

Written By Walter Kennedy on May 21st, 2012 @ 8:17 pm

Very well said!

Written By admin on May 21st, 2012 @ 9:15 pm

Barkley is obnoxious, crude, rude and full of shit. He continually criticizes the Big Ten even though they had the most teams in the tournament. He has no class and needs to shut his mouth. If he wants to argue about the BIG TEN he can e-mail me personally. I would be glad to tell him where to stick his opinions. He is shameless and even the other commentators look at him like he is nuts. As far as politics go, Barkley will say whatever has the most shock value. You cannot tell really where he stands because he simply tries to offend whomever he can however he can. He is just a blowhard looking for attention and a chance to make his voice heard. If he really had anything to say that was worthy of consideration, he would or should of said it by now, but he hasn’t. He lives in the moment and lives to say what he can at by the moment. If he really had something to contribute he hasn’t done a very good job of contributing it. I want Barkley to buckle down and say something that really means something to the general pubic and prove he is capable of doing such a thing. So far most of what he says is hot air meant to trigger reaction in the moment. Write a book or do something educational that will really contribute to society and then I will be impressed.

Written By Gregory Russ on March 25th, 2013 @ 10:15 am