France attempting to cure the ills of Socialism with more Socialism!

The election is over and the ballots have been counted in France. Nicolas Sarkozy is out and the real-deal Socialist, Francois Hollande, is in as President.

About a half a second after the official results were called, Mr. Hollande said he would oppose France’s current austerity measures. He also suggested that the EU should stimulate the economy by – get this – increasing public spending!

I guess Mr. Hollande saw how well the Obama stimulus worked here, so who could blame him?

There are already reports of wealthy French citizens swimming across the channel to escape from the further soaking they’re sure to receive at the hands of the newly elected Socialist government.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has remained firm that EU members need to stay the course by practicing budgetary discipline instead of deficit spending.

See Daily Mail piece here.

Ms. Merkel seems to be one of only a handful of EU leaders that actually gets it. The French, and others, seem to believe that there is an endless supply of ultra-rich people that can be taxed at 70 to 80% in order to have their free healthcare, cradle to grave welfare, 30 hour work-weeks, retirement at age 50, and two month vacations.

Trying to figure out who is worse, the political leaders or the voters that elect them, is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg? European voters seem to be so disconnected from reality, especially fiscal reality, that it’s almost embarrassing to the human race as a whole. But on the flip side we have the slimy, power-hungry political leaders that feed these idiotic notions that something can be gotten for nothing and that the often muddled concept of fairness trumps the established laws of the universe – natural law.

If the French people believe that Socialism is the answer to their current economic problems, then France has no real future as a civilized First-World nation. It’s so damn obvious that it’s almost embarrassing to say… but it’s the Socialism that’s the cause of these economic problems in the first place, dummies!

Trying to reverse the consequences of Socialism with more Socialism is like trying to cure a horrific hangover by downing a fifth of Jack Daniels; you may feel a little better for a short time, but you’ll pay with double the pain later – that’s if you survive!

So, good luck to the French, they’re going to need it!

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Reader Comments

This frustrates me to almost losing faith in humanity! People are too quick to ignore the fact that socialism has never “worked” ! NEVER !
I think the factor of the immigrant vote may have had significance in getting the socialists in power.
And, we had better be aware of that, as it could be happening here very soon.

Written By LC` on May 8th, 2012 @ 3:16 am