Richard Lugar out after 36 years

Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana was defeated by his Republican Primary opponent Richard Mourdock in Tuesday’s vote by a landslide, no less. Mourdock received 60.6% of the vote to Lugar’s 39.4%.

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It seems that most of these politicians in Washington don’t know when to quit. Or is it that once they get elected they feel entitled to their position for a lifetime? Lugar should have seen the writing on the wall and stepped down gracefully when his constituents pretty much told him enough is enough. But as is usually the case, he had to be dragged out kicking and screaming.

Lugar, like far too many Republicans, was one of those go along to get along RINO’s. To these types, process and protocol far outweigh principle and ideology. And of course, state dinners, White House invites, and golf with the opposing side are very important aspects to their jobs. But it seems that ‘the times they are a changin’ Senator.

What I’d like to ask Mr. Lugar (and others like him) is what have you been doing during the past three-plus years to stop Obama’s Marxist agenda? The simple answer is pretty much nothing! And the smart voters of Indiana realize that they can’t afford your type of representation any longer because the stakes are far too great.

Even if Mitt Romney does defeat Obama in November, there’s still an enormous amount of work to be done, not only to get the nation back on the right track economically, but also in undoing all the damage that has been done by Obama and his minions. And this type of change is going to require a lot more than the typical Washington-insider politician as so aptly represented by Richard Lugar.

You’re 80 years old, Mr. Lugar! Go home and spend some time with your grandchildren and perhaps your great-grandchildren. Do some fishing, some gardening, or take your entire family on a nice cruise. Believe me Mr. Lugar, there’s a whole other world out there besides Washington D.C. – you just might want to check it out.

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