Obama sics his boys on Sheriff Arpaio

The DOJ has finally made good on its threats and filed suit against Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The suit alleges that Arpaio’s department engages in racial profiling of Hispanics, among other things. Arpaio, never one to cower, fired back claiming the suit is political payback. You think?

See NY Times Story here.

Of course, Arpaio is still in the middle of an investigation into the forged documents of the man that sometimes goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. On March 1st Arpaio released his first report that showed (Confirmed) that the birth certificate Obama supposedly released is nothing but a second rate forgery. More reports on his ongoing investigation are due out in few weeks regardless of the sad fact that virtually no major news media outlets will cover the story – once again!

This lawsuit filed by the DOJ is simply a case of both personal and political retribution against Arpaio. The personal is for Arpaio’s investigation into the Obama documents. And the political is to rile up the Hispanic voting block (legal & illegal) just in time for November’s election.

This is the Justice Department that declined to press charges against a group of New Black Panther scumbags for using intimidation tactics that included billy-clubs against white voters in Philadelphia on Election Day of 2008. And this is also the same Justice Department that hasn’t said a thing about the New Black Panther bounty put on the head of George Zimmerman.

And I don’t have the time or mental energy to even go into the whole Fast and Furious fiasco.

Not only is BHO the most corrupt POTUS in history, but the same can probably be said for Mr. Holder as AG. It’s both embarrassing and frightening to see our Justice Department acting as the street muscle for the ‘capo di tutti capi’ (Godfather) living in the white mansion over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If someone pisses off or disrespects the boss, he simply makes a call and the wheels are set in motion.

Good luck Sheriff Arpaio. And please watch your back!

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Reader Comments

I really fear for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I admire his courage in standing up to Obama & his minions, but I wouldn’t put anything past this degenerant gang. They are on the dark side (no pun intended-). Nobody has been able to successfully put them in their place. I will have Sheriff Joe in my prayers, as they will do their best to destroy him-one way or another.

Written By LC on May 11th, 2012 @ 3:26 am

I agree. Arpaio sometimes seems to be the only “Real Man” in America today. He isn’t scared of the media, or of the dreaded Justice Department, and he sticks to what he thinks is right in spite of enormous pressures to go along with the program. Not only is Arpaio the only elected official to look into the shady background of BHO, but for a while there he was the only law enforcement official (outside of the border patrol and ICE) actually enforcing our immigration laws. The 80 year old Sheriff Joe puts these twerps in congress, and unfortunately, most men to shame. Unlike most of them, Arpaio seems to give a damn about the future of his children, grand-children, etc.

Written By admin on May 11th, 2012 @ 8:44 am