Just another embarrassing example of media hypocrisy

It’s really hard not to notice the outrageous hypocrisy in regards to the media trying to dig up every little scrap of information concerning Mitt Romney’s past. The same openly corrupt media has done absolutely nothing to look into BHO’s extremely shady past – and it looks like they never will.

Evidently, it’s headline news that Mitt Romney was supposedly a prankster and possibly even a bit of a bully during his high school days. This, it seems, is all they have so far, but you can bet they’ll keep searching high and low for other tidbits of information to embarrass Romney.

I heard a rumor that Romney once chewed gum in class and then disposed of it by sticking it to the bottom of his desk. Supposedly the Washington Post has identified the desk, removed the gum in question, and is now attempting to extract DNA samples from it. They may or may not be saving this information for an explosive October Surprise.

But OF COURSE, when it comes to BHO, the media has been absolutely disgraceful in its seeming incompetence and laziness.

Let’s forget for a moment about the biggest issue that the media is ignoring in regards to Obama – the forged birth certificate. But where’s their curiosity in regards to Obama’s High School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Harvard Law School records and thesis, student loan and financial aid records, LSAT and SAT records, Illinois State Senate records, passport records, and medical records. I know I must have missed a few things, but the point is that the media seems very disinterested in Obama’s past while BHO seems extremely motivated to conceal it.

Almost forgot; the media also doesn’t seem to be at all curious as to the reasons for both the brilliant Barry and equally brilliant Michelle surrendering their law licenses. But hey, a lot of people go to law school, pass the bar exam, then surrender their licenses. Many even surrender it just a few years after they get it, like the Lovely Michelle did back in 1993 at the age of 29.

The media, and a large segment of the American citizenry, didn’t care about any of this before the 2008 election, and they sure don’t care about it now. In fact, the official record of Obama’s life that the media uses as reference is his 1995 memoirs, Dreams from my Father. Again, why would an unknown schlub pen his memoirs at the age of 34? Simple, it was meant as a faux history for public consumption in lieu of a real history that he couldn’t produce.

And by the way, if Obama wrote that book, I’ll take credit for writing Hamlet.

But despite all of this, the media is now shamelessly scouring the country with a fine tooth comb looking for Romney’s classmates, teachers, babysitters, and anyone else who may have a second or third hand anecdote about the candidate’s past.

Too bad dogs and cats can’t give interviews.

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Reader Comments

I find this pretty amazing myself. Actually, downright distressing. I have never seen the media operate in such an extremely (favorably) prejudiced manner toward anyone as they have with Barry. With all the information in question about this “mystery” person, HOW can they get by with such blatant cover ups??? HOW ????? If we lived under a dictatorship it would be understandable—-but, under what is supposed to be a constitutional government—????

Written By LC on May 13th, 2012 @ 2:36 am