Government regulations contributing to high gas prices – especially in California

Gasoline prices are teetering near the $5 per gallon mark in California, but the rest of the 56 49 states can expect the same if BHO isn’t shown the door this November.

Part of the reason (aside from the second highest gasoline tax in the nation – NY is # 1) for California’s ridiculous gasoline prices are the government’s (federal & state) ridiculous environmental regulations. These so-called seasonal blends of gasoline are suited to meet California’s stringent environmental standards on top of the existing federal standards. So the gasoline for California can only be refined and blended in certain refineries.

These government mandated seasonal gasoline blends vary a bit state to state, but predictably, California has the most radical environmental standards for gasoline blends and CO2 emissions.

On top of the phony environmental concerns, there’s another reason why the Feds got involved in the blending of gasoline. It’s called Big-Farm, or better yet, Big-Agriculture. As we all know, most politicians are barley removed from street prostitutes and are easily bought by the highest bidder. The farm lobby has these sleazy opportunists in their back pockets, and when they play the fiddle the politicians dance.

We’re of course speaking about corn ethanol.

Using corn ethanol for fuel not only raises the cost of fuel, (and can also screw up your car’s engine/performance) but it also leads to higher food prices due to the fact that corn is commonly used as feed for livestock and poultry – simple supply and demand at work.

Using an agricultural product for fuel while we’re sitting on what may be the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world is not only stupid, but it’s immoral. One can arguably make the case that people don’t have to drive automobiles, but there’s no debate over whether or not people have to eat. And of course, it’s the very people that the Left pretends to champion (low-income) who suffer most.

The EPA needs to be abolished! State governments are more than capable of regulating their environments. The current EPA is just another club in the hands of the Left that’s being used to beat free-market capitalism to death.

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