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Shots fired at Obama Denver campaign office

The drudge report has linked to a story out of Denver where someone fired a shot through the window of an Obama campaign field office.

Let me not waste any time and say that I don’t for a New York second believe the premise of the story. A shot may very well have been fired at the window, but that it came from a Republican/Conservative Obama hater is where my disbelief begins.

This smells like a desperate ploy from Obama supporters (If not the campaign itself) in Colorado who are now seeing the state slipping out of their hands. It’s a cynical ploy to ramp up the enthusiasm of Obama’s base. These people (Obama supporters) have shown over the years that they are capable of just about anything, especially when they’re desperate.

Sorry, but I’m simply not buying this story at face value. And if and when the polls show that Obama is really losing it, we can expect many more acts of desperation.

See story here.

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We’ll all be counting the seconds before the race-trump-card is played for this event…

Written By Tom's Place on October 14th, 2012 @ 9:33 am