The supposed Obama “late push”

The latest narrative coming from the desperate MSM is that Obama seems to be benefiting from a “late push.”

Excuse me if I don’t buy this latest BS from a media that is desperate to help their master in the closing days of the campaign. The only push I see is the media trying to push BHO over the finish line ahead of Romney.

These latest polls that are giving him a slight edge are heavily slanted towards Democrat participation. One poll has a Democrat +11 skew.

The liberal mindset has always been that if they just think or say something, that something will come into reality. I think they’ve been watching or reading The Secret a bit too much.

Meanwhile Michael Barone, who is far from a rabid right-wing political hack and who is about as measured as a person can be, is predicting a Romney landslide with over 300 electoral votes. Barone, who is an expert on dissecting voting patterns right down to specific neighborhoods, didn’t once predict that McCain would win in 2008.

There’s also no doubt that Romney is doing extremely well in the swing states, and is now even pulling ahead or even in solid blue states like Michigan and Minnesota. But of course, the MSM is downplaying the Romney surge in these states that Obama easily won in 2008.

One part of this narrative is that Obama’s handling of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath has given him a boost and made him “look presidential.” I don’t like beating a dead horse, (unless the horse is a Marxist) but what exactly has Obama done besides show up in New Jersey and pat Chris Christie on the back? The knife was in the other hand!

But with this bunch there’s always the possibility probability of illegal shenanigans in the form of voter fraud and who knows what else. But with just a little over a day left before the polls close on the east coast, I feel about as comfortable as I can about BHO finally being served with an eviction notice.

I’m going to make sure I have an ample supply of my favorite wine handy on Election night to 1) help calm my frazzled nerves, and 2) to start celebrating when BHO is defeated.

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