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It’s time for the adults to save this country

I was a bit jittery when I went to sleep last night, and I’m not any better this morning. I understand the impact of today’s election all too well. But there are moments that I really wish I didn’t. There are moments when I really think it would feel nice to be oblivious to all that’s around me.

Yesterday I was thinking about all the people, like me, in this country that are extremely concerned over the outcome of this election, and conversely, those that aren’t. Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and even Libertarians are concerned most because we understand what we’re on the verge of losing if BHO gets reelected. We are simply petrified by the consequences of four more years of this administration, and we lose sleep over it.

Behind us and slightly more relaxed are the assorted Marxists, Socialists, Communists, and Globalists that have invested much time, money and effort to finally get one of their own into the White House. They will take an Obama loss pretty hard, but not too hard because they know that they can do it all over again. They know they have most of our institutions, including and especially the media, in their back pockets. Next time there’ll be a female version of Obama, or a Hispanic version.

Then we have the ‘children.’

You know how children and teenagers are the most irresponsible people in our population. It’s not a knock on them; it’s just a fact of existence. For the most part young people can be irresponsible and do stupid things because they have their parents (adults) to save them when they do. They rarely feel the full consequences of their actions.

This is exactly how I would describe what are probably the largest bloc of voters on the Democrat side – children! Mind you, these ‘children’ can vary in age from recent college graduates to hippies that attended Woodstock and are now in their sixties. Also note that there are many people in their early twenties that are bigger adults than others in the forties, fifties and sixties. What I’m referring to is mostly a state of mind. Sandra Fluke would be a great example!

I also like to refer to these voters as default liberals. They’re liberals (Democrats) because they lack the maturity to make up their minds for themselves. These people are easily influenced by their teachers and professors, by Hollywood and pop stars, and by their monolithic group of friends. These are the people whose opinions are strong, but their knowledge and understanding of the issues are extremely weak.

Most of these ‘children’ are white, college educated and fairly to very successful. They are the yuppies. They are the artsy types. They are the bohemians. They are the musicians. They are the fashion designers. They are the graphic designers. They are the teachers. They are the brokers and traders. And they are the lawyers. And most of them were probably coddled too much by their well-meaning parents, and thus never felt the need to grow up.

If Obama wins these people will be happy for the moment, they’ll talk about how great it is at work the next day, and at their favorite local nightspot. But they’ll shortly afterward go back to their materialistic self-obsessed lives. Sure the economy will get worse as will their job prospects and opportunities for advancement. Sure they’ll be paying more for food, energy, gasoline, and just about everything else. Sure their personal liberties will be further eroded.  But they’ll never connect any of these things to their own actions and to their blind support of Obama.

On the other hand, if Romney wins and the economy improves, and energy prices go down, and if taxes go down, and if job prospects, opportunities for advancement and salaries go up, these ‘children’ will benefit greatly  from all of these things. But they’ll never credit Romney or his policies for any of it. And for reasons they can’t themselves explain, they’ll hate Romney for the entirety of his term. They’ll continue to laugh at the anti-Romney/Republican “jokes” coming from Letterman, Stewart and Kimmel. And most of them will not learn from experience, but rather just become older and older children.

But in order to save ourselves, our real children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, we also have to save these ‘lost children’ as well. We have to make the adult decision that BHO has been a disaster for our nation and we can no longer afford him and his policies. And of course, we won’t get a stitch of credit for saving their sorry, immature, ignorant assess. But what is the alternative? In fantasy it would be nice if these ‘children’ could all have a George Bailey moment and see what their lives would look like if they actually had to suffer the consequences of their foolishness. But in reality, we can’t destroy ourselves and the future of our country to just teach these ‘children’ a good lesson.

It’s time for the adults to come to the rescue again. It’s time for us to do the right thing and send BHO packing. If we don’t do it, who will?

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