Already looking ahead to 2016?

The Daily Caller has already complied 13 potential Republicans they believe could run for POTUS in 2016. I can’t even think about 2016 yet. We first have to survive these next four years. And will there even be elections in 2016. Perhaps the Obama’s can stay on as King and Queen and we could hold faux elections like Saddam Hussein used to where he continuously won 99.8% of the vote.

Anyway, here’s the Daily Caller list with my quick opinions, of course.

1)      Marco Rubio – He gets a NO from me for several reasons. And I simply don’t trust him!

2)      Chris ChristieAbsolutely NOT! He can’t be trusted. He won’t even win reelection in NJ.

3)      Jeb BushNO! NO! NO! NO! Enough already with political royalty!

4)      Rand PaulYes! He’s exactly what this country needs, but we also needed Romney/Ryan and we know where that went. It may be too late already.

5)      Paul Ryan – Possibly a Yes. But he needs to kind of grow a personality first. It’s too bad these types of things matter, but we know they do.

6)      Sarah PalinAbsolutely Not! She had her chance to jump into it this year, but she chose to sit on the sidelines. And through no fault of her own, she’ already damaged goods.

7)      Bobby Jindal – He’s a very good governor, but like Rubio, he’s not a natural born citizen, so it’s a NO. But who cares about stupid stuff like that anymore?

8)      Rick Santorum – I like Santorum, but it was discovered recently that he’s also not a natural born citizen. I have to say NO.

9)      Mike Huckabee – Just plain NO!

10)   Bob McDonnell – Yeah, maybe. We need to learn a bit more about him.

11)   Rick Perry – Sorry Rick, but you get a NO from me.

12)   Mike PenceMaybe.  He’s interesting. I believe he’s someone I could support.

13)   Morry “The Grizz” TaylorI have no idea who this guy is!

I played along with this game for fun, but I’m so disgusted by what the majority of the American people did on November 6th, that I can’t even begin thinking of 2016. What will there be left to save in 2016? Will Obamacare be able to be repealed in 2016? The answer to that one is easy – NO IT WON’T!

Unfortunately, those of us that really give a crap will probably have to find another way to take back our country. It’s really up to the citizens now. The politicians have let us down and the media simply cannot be trusted.

See Daily Caller piece here.

P.S. To any left-wingers or feds who may be reading this; I am NOT in any way advocating violence or force in taking our country back. I’m not that stupid! There are other ways to do this.

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