Reaching out to Latinos

Here we go again! The calls for Republicans to “reach out” to Latinos are getting louder and louder since Election Day. But what exactly does that mean – reach out?

Well, we now know that BHO had huge support from “Latinos” in both of his election wins. And the gutless little twerps that run the Republican establishment are scared silly, as usual. But we all know what reaching out to Hispanics means. It means some form of amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal immigrants that happen to speak Spanish. And I don’t care how they dress up the pig – it’s still a pig. A “path to citizenship” for people that came here illegally is still amnesty no matter how hard they try to spin it.

Even Sean Hannity has come out and “re-thought” his stance on amnesty, saying that because of the election results he’s now in favor of a “pathway to citizenship” for the illegals that are already here. Hannity is a huge Marco Rubio worshipper, so that probably also has something to do with his conversion.

But let’s take a rational look at this issue.

Giving any sort of amnesty or concessions to illegal Latino immigrants on the basis that it will win their future (and current illegal) vote and the vote of their legal compatriots is nothing short of political extortion. It’s also a blueprint to completely take over a country without even using military force. You just flood a nation with immigrants (legal and illegal) from a certain region, culture and/or religion, and when their numbers reach levels where they have power at the ballot, then start making demands.

This scenario has already taken place in Northern and Western Europe where millions of Muslims were allowed to flood those nations. And we all know what’s happening there now – don’t we? Christian Europe is methodically being dismantled and its people are slowly on their way to becoming minorities in their own homelands.

Now we’re going to let the same thing happen here in the United States? Is Western Civilization really that committed to cultural and economic suicide? What kind of people have we become?

This election has also highlighted the fact that we have another potentially powerful racial and cultural voting block that supports the Democrat Party – Asians. So what type of “reach-out” or concession are we going to be giving them? What’s the price of their vote – making our road-tests for getting a driver’s license easier to pass?

Everyone is talking about America’s changing demographics, but it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone why and how these demographics are so rapidly changing. Right now they are changing because of almost 40 years of ignoring our southern border. For their own self-serving reasons the politicians don’t really want to secure our borders. The reason the Democrats are allowing and encouraging people from south of our border to enter our country illegally, and then produce millions of anchor babies, is simply because they want enough loyal voters to make us a one-party nation under their complete rule.

Many of these so-called democrats also have a deep hatred for our nation and our culture – just like their current leader BHO.

As we all know there are negative stereotypes of almost every group of people. Some groups seem to work very hard to earn those stereotypes, but I digress. But on the flip side there is also the positive stereotype, which is most often political spin meant to influence opinion. And that’s what the media and the political establishment is doing in regards to “Hispanics.” We’re always hearing about how hard-working Hispanics (usually used for Mexicans) are. Well that’s fine, but aren’t there hard-working people from every background? The same goes for the constant reminders that they’re good family people and very religious. Like all others, some are good family people, and some are not. Simply having a lot of children doesn’t necessarily make someone a good family person. And as far as being “religious” or attending church making a person trustworthy and honest – don’t make me laugh!

On the other hand, what kind of character does a person have when they continuously break the laws of their neighboring country, then claim victimhood and make demands of that country? I don’t think good people would or should be comfortable with doing that. And as people like me who live amongst thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants know all too well, many of them simply aren’t good, honorable people. Don’t believe me? Then just check out the jails in states and cities where illegals flock to.

I’m all open to some type of worker program that’s based on our economic needs, but doesn’t bestow a faster path to legal residence or further burden the taxpayer. But to be blackmailed by illegal immigrants and their legal supporters to give them amnesty in return for their support at the ballot-box is totally unacceptable to me.

I don’t know anyone that enjoys being extorted and intimidated into doing something. And it’s my opinion as well as my advice that Republicans and Conservatives should reject the notion that we need to reach-out to the Latino community under the terms of amnesty for votes. Those that are here illegally obviously have no respect for our rule of law or for the American taxpayer. And if legal Latinos side with these people simply because of a shared language and/or culture, then it really calls into question their allegiance to the United States of America, as well as their purpose for being here in the first place.

If we cave in to the illegal immigrants and their supporters and lobbyists, we’ll just have hammered a few more nails into America’s coffin.

No amnesty of any kind for illegal immigrants! No more citizenship rights for anchor babies! Place heavy fines and potential prison sentences for employers that hire illegal immigrants! Dole out stiff prison time followed by instant deportation for any illegal immigrant caught with a fake SS#! And seal and secure our borders, once and for all!

That’s my stance.

Reader Comments

Why is it so difficult to protect our Southern border? Why the lack of support to those bordering states from the federal gov’t.? And, why both Democrat & Republican parties will not hinder the influx of illegals pouring in from Mexico.
One big reason might just be the fact that there is a plan underway to blend Mexico, the US, & Canada into one union. All part of a systematic plan by the UN (which divides the world into “blocs” or unions-) in forming a one-world government.
Sorry to say I don’t think this is some far fetched conspiracy “theory”–.

Written By LC on November 10th, 2012 @ 7:48 am


If there’s one thing those One-World Marxists really hate it is national sovereignty and homogeneity. Unless there are enough people to stop it, I don’t doubt for one minute that it will eventually happen. The world is definitely in a giant shit-storm right now.

Written By admin on November 10th, 2012 @ 4:05 pm