Welcome to Obama’s America

Today NYC officially instituted gasoline rationing. What a prideful day for America when the supposed “capital of the world” reverts to a practice that was last put into effect in the late seventies when Jimmy Carter was president. But in fairness to Carter, that rationing wasn’t caused by a tropical storm, but rather by geopolitical events.

And part of the reason BHO won the election is because he did such a great job in the aftermath of Sandy. WTF!?!?

By the way; on Wednesday it was announced that the FEMA camp on Staten Island where thousands are still homeless and powerless because of the storm, was closed due to “bad weather.” Just imagine what New Yorkers (aka democrats) would be saying if GWB was still in office. But again, Obama is doing a great job in the Sandy aftermath – just ask Chris Christie.

But anyway, back to the gasoline rationing.

This morning when I saw this being reported on NY1 (NY Pravda) the anchors and reporters where giddy in explaining how people with license plates that ended with an even number can purchase gas only on even dates, while those ending in an odd number, can only purchase on odd dates. They were reporting how “happy” and “relived” people are to finally be getting some sort of system for purchasing gasoline.

I guess I just gotta get used to the lower standards and expectations of Obama’s America.

These left-wing loons would like nothing better than for this to become a permanent scenario. Then more people would bike to work or take our great mass-transit system that still isn’t completely back in line after Sandy. And of course, biking and mass-transit would be great for our environment and would stop future storms like Sandy from happening.

It is simply unbelievable to me that a simple storm can wreak so much havoc on 2012 America, an America with budgets in the trillions of dollars. But I guess when you’re done supporting all the illegal and legal parasites with welfare, food-stamps, Medicaid, cell-phones and other social entitlements, there’s not much left for power grid infrastructure and FEMA.

Speaking of entitlements, on Election Day my wife went to vote later than I did (about 5:30 or so) and she came out of the polling place with a look of disgust on her face. The dog and I were waiting outside. First off, she mentioned that she was the only one in there that wasn’t Hispanic, black, or Middle Eastern. I already knew that because while I was waiting a good fifteen to twenty minutes for her to vote, that’s exactly what I noticed – shame on me! Then she mentioned that she overheard a person on line talking about how he was voting for Obama because he’s out of work for a long time and he needs his unemployment checks. That can almost pass for a Yogi-ism! Then she said that a black man walked up to one of the election workers and told the woman that he already voted earlier, and that if he could vote again. The answer from this election worker was “I don’t think so.”

All of Election Day, and a couple of days prior, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach; I guess that’s called intuition. But I was never really comfortable with the premise that Romney was going to win. As it turned out, all of the assorted parasites, nationwide, came out of the woodwork to vote for their man. And in many places it probably mattered little whether said parasite was legally allowed to vote.

I’m starting to ramble, but my point is that gasoline rationing and huge majorities living off the government (taxpayer) is probably the new model for America under Obama’s second term. But the good news is that women will be able to get free contraception. Not that any of the female illegal immigrants and Muslims will use it!

It’s time to sign off now before I really get myself into hot water. There are a lot of people out there with very thin skin just looking for an excuse to become offended – including people on my side of the political spectrum.

Welcome to Obama’s America, hope you enjoy your stay.

Reader Comments

I’m with you on this-thank goodness there are people who will speak out and call a spade a spade–.
As for those who get offended by hearing someone’s opinion, TOUGH !
I’m offended by all the constant CRAP coming from mindless liberals who support those who are destroying the USA I grew up in.
There’s no shortage of liberal sites for them to go & play !
And you are right-might as well voice your opinion while that’s still possible !

Written By LC on November 9th, 2012 @ 2:48 pm