Was the election stolen?

To this day, after all that has happened and all that we know about BHO, there are still people on the republican/conservative side that are in denial about this man and how he came into power. There are far too many that believe, or want to believe, that he and his cabal actually have some sort of limits on how far they would go to remain in power. Maybe it’s just a defense mechanism because they can’t bear to admit what is happening right before their eyes. So instead of dealing with the issue head-on, they use the word “conspiracy” to mock those that fear the worst.

True, some conspiracy pushers in the alternative media are sleazy snake-oil salesmen that are out to make a buck, but that doesn’t mean that true “conspiracies” within our government don’t exist. Isn’t the White House currently involved in a conspiracy to hide and/or diminish what happened in Benghazi? What was the entire Fast & Furious fiasco but another BHO administration conspiracy?

The Alinskyites know full well that many on the right are scared to death of the word conspiracy. So that’s exactly what they do – they conspire. Obama’s rise to power is something the Left set into motion about 60 years ago. That’s at least how long they’ve been planning the eventual takeover of America, and it’s all been done methodically and in the shadows.

So the question has to at least be asked – did Obama and his cabal steal the election? Why was everyone so wrong about the results, including experts like Michael Barone who predicted a Romney landslide? And how was Romney’s well financed campaign so easily and thoroughly outdone by the BHO campaign? Mind you, I’m not referring to the usual cheating that always goes on with the democrats, the dead voters, double votes, suppression of military ballots, etc. If this election was stolen it was done on a level far beyond the usual chicanery.

Here’s a piece posted at the Fellowship of the Minds on the possibility of the election being stolen right under everyone’s noses.

Read here.

And read another piece about how Obama got 99% of the vote in 13 of Philadelphia’s wards – here. Wow, those are Saddam Hussein Numbers!

Reader Comments

The Electoral College doesn’t meet until December.
If enough people cried “fowl” and demanded an investigation & a “hold” on BO taking office before the 2nd term starts—–.
I also think the Romney camp needs to speak up.
Something is terribly wrong, too many things don’t add up about this election.
Of course, the scum sucking bottom dwellers with their constant outstretched hands will most certainly raise a ruckus if the election is overturned–. Let them bring it on !
Face it, this election had too many flaws (see prev. named blogs with examples–) to have been legit.
There should be a recount even if the only reason was the Military not getting their absentee ballots!

Written By LC on November 11th, 2012 @ 12:15 am