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Obama on Veterans Day: Simply disgusting!

It’s just sickening to see the POS-in-Chief attending and speaking at a Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery today. This creature has the gall to show up there after he and his Marxist cronies suppressed the military vote this past Tuesday – as they (Democrats, Marxists, Communists, or whatever you want to call them) always do!

This turd on legs has absolutely no shame, conscience, or soul. But some of us knew that before he was elected the first time back in 2008!

Behind closed doors BHO and his cohorts must have a grand ole time at our expense. They laugh at how stupid we are while they chug down their cocktails, smoke their weed, snort their coke, and whatever other debaucherous activities they partake in.

And you know what? We deserve to be ridiculed!

If during his first term BHO’s opponents (including and especially those in congress) would have stood together and demanded that BHO release all of his records and show his real (original hard-copy) BC, we probably wouldn’t be where we are right now. But we were divided against each other and many of us were mocked for daring to believe that BHO is not who he claims to be. We were called kooks for believing that he and his cohorts would stop at absolutely NOTHING to obtain power. According to the republican/conservative establishment, BHO was just another misguided liberal politician that needed to be beaten on the issues and at the ballot box. Well, we’ve now learned (I think) that about half the country is with him on the issues, and it’s near impossible to beat anyone at the ballot box who has millions of people who have no right to vote casting votes for him.

I find it almost laughable that while most republicans/conservatives can agree that BHO allowed 4 Americans to be killed in Libya purely for political and ideological reasons, for many it’s still beyond the pale that he would fake his own BC or systematically steal elections. God forbid we’re called conspiracy theorists or sore losers by Matthews, Maddow and company. Is this how scared and feeble we’ve become?

Then there was always the other excuse to do nothing which was based on the conjecture that if BHO were exposed to be ineligible to hold office, and thus had to be removed from office, blacks would riot and burn cities throughout the country. And of course, we would be called racists for removing America’s first black president.

So in essence we’ve given up our country to the rule of the mob. And the mob gets what the mob wants. The constitution and the rule of law be damned!

There are reports surfacing that in many precincts in the swing-states the turnout was either near 100% or even greater that the amount of registered voters. But rest assured that Fox News, and Bill O’Reilly won’t investigate these absurd voting patterns. Neither will Dick Morris, Michael Barone, and others that predicted an easy Romney win. No…this suppression of the military vote and the blatant election fraud that transpired on Election Day will be allowed to stand – again! Instead, we’ll look forward to 2016 when the national debt is 20-25 trillion, unemployment is at 12%, gasoline costs $8-10 per gallon, and of course, after 20 to 30 million illegals receive amnesty.

Yeah, we’ll nominate Marco Rubio and get em’ in 2016 – no problem!

Obama and his cabal are laughing at us! And for the most part, we deserve it.

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