Petraeus resignation not simply about affair – really now?

The video clip below is from The Kudlow Report on CNBC. The guest, John Batchelor, explains the real reasons for the resignation of Gen. Petraeus from his post as C.I.A. Director.

Mr. Batchelor claims that the “extra-marital” affair wasn’t the real reason for the resignation – no shit Sherlock! Instead it had to do with the political games being played by BHO, as well as possible blackmail threats to keep Petraeus silent about the lies in regards to what really transpired in Benghazi, and why.

BHO and his cronies using information to hold over someone’s head in order to keep them quiet – no waycan’t be! BHO is just misguided in regards to his foreign policy; anyone who say’s differently is just a conspiracy kook. After all, BHO is a patriot who loves his country – just ask Bill O’Reilly.

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Hat tip to giveusliberty1776, where I first saw this video.

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