What we need is a lot more Haters

I saw this article written by Erik Rush titled Yes…I’m a Hater posted on Canada Free Press. Mr. Rush expresses my sentiments to the tee. The Left loves to co-opt words turning their meanings into what suits their political purposes. And of course, the same words mean different things depending on whose mouth they come out of.

In this instance Mr. Rush talks about the word ‘Hate’ and its use by the left to – what else – silence people. I’ll gladly admit that there was probably a time when I too was a bit intimidated by words and by what people thought of me. But I’ve shed those fears like a snake sheds its skin long ago – it’s called growing up.

Read piece here.

Reader Comments

Excellent article-along that line, being labeled a “hater” will actually be a badge of honor !

Written By LC on November 13th, 2012 @ 5:34 am