More on the recent election fraud

WND has a couple of pieces today about the widespread voter fraud that took place on Election Day. And yes, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Democrats were involved in blatant voter fraud. One may make the argument that it didn’t affect the outcome of the election, but there’s no debating whether or not it took place – it did!

The so-called Republican and Conservative talking heads on TV, and even on the radio, will for the most part stay away from this issue just like they hid under the table from Obama’s birth certificate issue. These people are either dupes for the status quo Republican Party, or they’re taking direct orders from their corporate bosses. God forbid the MSM and the democrats call them conspiracy theorists – ouch!

BTW: Col. Allen West is the only Republican politician that’s fighting the voting fraud that supposedly lost him his Florida congressional seat. The rest of the victims just slunk away with their tails between their legs. God forbid they be called sore losers by a bunch of cheating Marxists – those words really hurt! And oh yeah, according to party big-wigs and political consultants, if we bitch about losing races to fraud, it’ll prevent us from winning future races.

Also note: It was the Republican Party of Florida that re-drew Col. West’s congressional district after just one term in office, making it harder for him to be reelected – why? My theory is that the Republicans are frightened by anyone in their party that has a mouth and a backbone – pathetic!

Anyway see WND piece by Bob Unruh titled: HERE’SHOW TOUCHSCREENS KILLED ROMNEY VOTES here.

Also check out their other report: THE BIG LIST OF VOTE FRAUD REPORTShere.

If you’re a patriot who loves this country and all it stands stood for, and this doesn’t get your blood boiling, then you must have already given up.

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