You must check out this website!

There’s a website that was created after Election Day intended to highlight and document the election fraud that occurred on November 6th. I don’t really know if anything can be done, most likely not, but this information needs to come out. We can’t let these evil and dangerous people steal our elections right under our noses while they laugh at how stupid and cowardly we are.

There are just too many things that didn’t add up on November 6th.  And most of the suspicious things that occurred happened in the swing states that Romney was polling very well in. With our election system that still relies heavily on the honesty of voters and of election workers, it’s really not that hard to come up with thousands of extra votes where needed. Quite frankly, this stuff sends chills down my spine because it shows how powerless we really seem to be to stop what we all know is happening to our beloved country.

I urge everyone, please, to check out

Just to get an idea of what is happening watch the video below. But I warn you that if you love our country and the American way of life, it will severely depress you.

YouTube Preview Image

May God help us, because I don’t know who else can.

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