40 Florida Denny’s Restaurants to charge 5% Obamacare surcharge, cut employee hours

Florida businessman John Metz, who owns approximately 40 Denny’s restaurants is going to add a 5% surcharge to customer bills and will cut employees hours to under 30.





Metz said that he just can’t afford to operate profitably with the Obamacare mandates which would cost him $175,000 per year, per restaurant. He states that none of his restaurants make $175,000 annually.

What a greedy bastard – he wants to make a profit!

I bet the typical brain-dead Obama voter thinks that a Denny’s restaurant makes millions upon millions per year. That’s how ignorant these people are about business and what it takes to run one.

Other companies have already announced significant layoffs after the stolen election. And many more franchise chain restaurants will follow suit and do exactly what Mr. Metz is doing with his Denny’s.

Mr. Metz admits that many of his workers will probably have to get second jobs to make ends meet. But will there be enough jobs for people that want a second one? After all, illegal immigrants have to work too!

The employees that supported Obama deserve everything they get and I have ZERO sympathy for their sorry ignorant asses. It’s time to make those that voted for Obama, many of them 2 or three times, feel the consequences of their stupid actions.

Unfortunately, the people who didn’t support BHO will have to suffer as well. And we shouldn’t forget that. We should hold big-time grudges!

And as for the Obama supporters that regularly eat at Denny’s, and there are many, PAY UP and SHUT UP!!

See story here.

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Reader Comments

So let me get this straight – he’s going to charge customers an extra 5% to pay for healthcare for employees. THEN he’s going to lower the employee’s hours so that he doesn’t have to cover healthcare as part of their compensation for services rendered. Isn’t that fraud?

Written By josh j on November 18th, 2012 @ 11:53 pm