Rush Limbaugh hits it on the head!

I got the chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes earlier today. And as he has done thousands of times over the years, he made a great point.

This isn’t the first time I heard Rush make this point, but it’s more relevant now than ever. He made the point that when Democrats lose elections they never come together after and say that they need to moderate their positions. They never wring their collective hands and say that they need to move to the right.

Of course, he couldn’t be more correct!

This is in the wake of Republicans like Bobby Jindal making a fuss over statements made by Mitt Romney on some of the reasons he lost the election. Romney said that BHO bought off minority and young voters with promises of free stuff. Jindal and other gutless Republicans couldn’t wait to distance themselves from Romney’s truthful remarks.

Now the media is jumping all over this and playing it up that there’s a rift in the Republican Party. Again, the spineless and clueless Republicans can’t help but give ammo to the Left, while shooting themselves in the foot.

Jindal and the others can go screw themselves, as far as I’m concerned.

Getting back to Rush’s point, when the Democrats got their asses handed to them during the 2010 midterm elections, we didn’t see Nancy Pelosi, BHO, and company whine and point fingers at fellow Democrats for losing the election. What they did was double-down on their liberalism! They didn’t budge from their sleazy, evil principles one bit!

I’ve about had it with the Republican Party. There are obviously some stand-up patriots within the party, but they are in the minority.

This is not a time to moderate or move to the center. It’s not a time to sell-out to the mob. If anything, it’s time to double-down on conservatism and constitutionalism.

Simply pathetic!!

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